New Apple Watch 2 May Be Coming

According to KGI Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, two new Apple Watches may be available during the second half of 2016. Ming-Chi had successfully predicted that Apple would debut the iPhone SE last year. One of the new Apple watch models may be an upgrade, with better waterproofing and processor. The second iteration may be called Apple Watch 3, which might have a GPS, barometor and bigger battery.

In addition, Ming-Chi¬†believes that Apple will add LTE connectivity to the wearable line in 2017–this means you can use the watch without having to connect to your phone or Wi-Fi. In June, Apple launched a new OS for the watch. Will this invigorate the wearables market? Although there has been a decrease in shipments, the Apple Watch is still the leader in the smartwatch niche. They shipped 3.6 million during the second quarter of last year, and 1.6 million devices were shipped this year. In comparison, Samsung shipped 600,000 units of its Galaxy Gear range.

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