New Ebike Rideshare Launches in NYC to Make the City Sustainable

JOCO is a micro-mobility ride share company that has developed the most efficient, sustainable and enjoyable way to travel across cities, launching in NYC.

Dynamic duo Jonny and Jonny started JOCO with rentable, electric assisted bicycles housed in private locations, using a network of docking stations. The vast charging infrastructure network will power the future of micro-mobility this April, with exclusive long-term leases already secured at hundreds locations across NYC.

JOCO is launching in April and by June will be in 100 locations with 1,000 bikes. Unlike other operators, JOCO’s e-bikes charge at the source, eliminating the need to replace batteries while minimizing downtime. The company is a pioneer in the sustainability sector– The Jonny’s found a need in the market after they realized the dockless model is unsustainable, unsafe, has heavy maintenance costs and charging problems.

JOCO’s electric assist e-bike is safe and easy to use for anyone who can ride a normal bike. People can use the bikes at over 100 locations across NYC to get to work, school, or just for a joyride. You can reserve your bike in advance, and load it into a dock, which also charges the vehicle.

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More about the founders-Jonathan Cohen (CEO) and Jonathan A. Cohen (CGO)

Jonny & Jonny met at Columbia Business School where they were getting their MBA. Although they have the same full name, they have very different backgrounds. Jonny from London’s (CEO) background is in transportation and engineering with Jaguar Land Rover and is very passionate about the transportation space from a young age. Jonny from NY’s (CGO) background is in investment banking and real estate with J.P. Morgan.

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