New Haircare Brand Ju Poppin is Succeeding Even During a Pandemic

Ju Poppin was created by Francine Gillian Garcia to bring back the healthy hair trend so that today’s generation can also flaunt good hair like previous generations.

Ju Poppin might seem like a cosmetic brand from the outside but its products are organic and made with nature’s most helpful ingredients that are available all around the world. They are checked for clarity and authenticity by our raw good supplier in Canada and they are blended together by Ju Poppin themselves back at home in the USA.

  • Ju Poppin’s Growth oil key ingredients are

English lavender (scalp stimulator for growth), Black cumin seed (scalp health), Ylang-ylang (prevents shedding)

  • Ju Poppin’s Vitamin e oil key ingredients are

Sunflower (reduces breakage, split ends, frizz and increases shine), Avocado (deeply strengthens the structure of the hair), Coconut (prevents moisture and protein loss, giving hair a natural shine).

  • Ju Poppin Scalp healing mist spray key ingredients are

Aloe Vera (Calms and soothes scalp inflammation), Lavender & Tea Tree (Helps to stimulate growth and block DHT build-up), Rosewater (fights against eczema and psoriasis).

Launching in the heart of the pandemic, Ju Poppin has shown tremendous courage as many businesses are finding it hard to keep themselves afloat. They have provided care for their employees; this shows that the company is based on good values and the foundation is not making large scale money by fooling people. They have a dream or we can say the goal of creating a brand that is built around wellness and healing so that people can enjoy healthy and shiny hair.

They are witnessing tremendous growth and success throughout the pandemic due to this mentality. Product reviews are matching the quality and all the hard work put in has been rewarded tremendously. Ju Poppin does not have anything to hide. All the ingredients are mentioned and the company had made sure that people are educated about the products which they will be using on their body.

Ju Poppin lends its voice to promoting healthy hair and a healthier lifestyle. It aims to provide good self-esteem to help people stand by our Look Good-Feel Good Moto. Ju Poppin is always filled with great positive energy that their viewers can feel just by watching our videos.

The brand stands for healing people and have come a long way since they began their journey. And the fact that they have just begun their journey makes us curious about their future products. Follow them on their official website

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