Nima Samiee, a Fashion Photographer, who did Things Differently

Not a lot of little boys have the eye to look past a red dress and focus on TV the art that is the woman wearing it, but Nima was always a photographer.

Today, Nima has a string of red carpet events and fashion weeks lined up for him because it was at the very moment he held a camera that he knew he needed to capture each drop of the essence of fashion which, like Francis Bacon would say, is the attempt to realize art in living forms. Currently set up in an Eden that is Milano for him, Nima was born in Trehan of Iran and worked incessantly to become the creative powerhouse that he is.

With his own Creative Agency set up in Milano and a petite, exuberant studio in Paris, Samiee is a fashion photographer, content creator, and video producer who is all set to launch his short film in the up and coming months.

Nima first stepped into the frenzied world of fashion more than a decade ago, and yet the ultimate break for him was when he was approached by a modeling agency 12 years ago. This was the first time that Nima officially found himself working as a fashion photographer and he has been in love with the intricate art of ceasing vogue in frames ever since. He further proceeded to become an inextricable part of diverse fashion campaigns, shows, galas, and red carpets.

Nima has now worked with exquisite and alluring beauties like Noel Capri, Mariacarla Boscona, Bella Hadid, Alton Maison, Sofia Resing, Elizabeth Grace, Sam Asghari, Kat Graham various other leading ladies of fashion. And much like Mario Sorrenti, who says he needs to see what’s going on in the person as he isn’t just interested in physical beauty.

Nima also likes to strike a jaunty conversation with his models before he captures their essences and has therefore ended up befriending a lot of supermodels he has worked with. Having worked with magnifique labels like VOGUE, L’officiel, Numéro, love magazine etcetera and some of the world’s leading fashion giants, Nima has made a perennial spot in the Frow of the ever-going fashion show, that is the industry.

From red carpets to galas and Mets, the journey hasn’t been easy for Samiee but fueled by passion as he was and unafraid of being tirelessly industrious, Nima has achieved today what people even fear dreaming about.

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