Nitin Kumawat – India’s Emerging Digital Marketing expert.

Innovative methods are introduced with the advancement of technology. In this modern era, digitisation has taken over almost all industries. With the growing use of internet almost all brands and businesses have migrated online. Having a powerful digital presence is an important requisite to survive in this cut throat competitive world. Digital marketing has gained much momentum in recent times, and it is regarded as one of the most powerful mediums to reach your targeted customer base.

Social media stands amongst one of the best marketing mediums which has the potential to reach a humongous audience. Using the digital marketing medium is not as simple as it seems as incorrect methods will not give the desired results and to make your online marketing plan a success, you need the expertise of someone who is proficient and knows the ins and outs of the digital marketing business. Nitin Kumawat is one such name who has the required skills to make your digital marketing campaign a huge success.

Nitin Kumawat was born and brought up in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and from the very beginning he was inclined towards walking the right path to glory, wanting to do something distinct from others which would take him to the top league. Coming from a modest family background, he started doing minuscule trading jobs to take care of his financial needs. He had to leave his civil engineering degree course midway due to financial constraints. Not losing his mind, he took up the challenge and started exploring avenues which would mend his life again, which introduced him to the field of network marketing. Having spent a considerable amount of time in it, he shifted his focus towards social media marketing which turned out to be the right choice for his career.

It’s been a year since he entered this territory and has made a name for himself and a brand which has helped many businesses and budding entrepreneurs taste success through his innovative digital marketing strategies which have turned their worth for good. People would be surprised to know that he has more than 350+ clients from across the globe with the majority of them based in US and UK. Apart from being an expert digital marketer, Nitin is also an expert Instagram coach who is known to guide aspiring influencers to mark their presence online.

Having tasted success and gaining mastery over the craft, Nitin is now all set to establish his own social media marketing agency which we’re sure will mark its presence strongly on a global platform.

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