No Matter the Circumstances, Kat-Rick Continues to Beat the Odds

Kat-Rick is a DJ and producer based in Dubai. He’s also a skilled turntablist with a passion for creating unique and engaging mixes, the old-school way! In addition to that, he is also a record label owner, running Fogo Recordings, which he established in 2016. Kat-Rick was born Karthik Rai.

Although he is based in the United Arab Emirates, he is originally from India, where he was born and raised. His DJ sets and high-quality productions are inspired by many EDM currents and blur the lines between different styles, including house, progressive, and tech, with a very distinctive “big tone” that is so immersive and one-of-a-kind.

It’s all about tight low end, lush atmospheres, striking melodies, and hooks that will not leave your head easily. It’s clear by now that Kat-Rick knows what it takes to craft outstanding DJ sets and move the people onto the dance floor!

In addition to his work as a DJ, Kat-Rick has sharpened his production chops throughout the years. His sound is incredibly diverse, exploring a wide range of electronic music influences and allowing his creativity to flow freely. Kat-Rick has produced tracks and bootlegs that have been supported by artists on an international basis, further allowing his profile to rise and introduce his sound to new international listeners.

In addition to that, he also won a DJ competition in India titled “Incident 2017,” which garnered him further acclaim in the local scene and elsewhere. That year was a particularly special one for Kat-Rick. It was then that he also released his very first single! His debut record is titled “Imprint,” and it was made available through Wolfrage Recordings, a record label based in the Netherlands.

Soon after, Kat-Rick further expanded his creative horizons. He became fascinated with turntable culture and started to introduce some hip-hop and R&B influences into his sound. In addition to that, he also explored various other styles, including Dancehall and Moombahton, producing several tracks in this genre as well.

Kat-Rick’s diversity in terms of creativity is genuinely awesome. In fact, his music is quite kaleidoscopic and hard to classify under the umbrella of a single genre since he always likes to expand his creative flow!

Recently, Kat-Rick made a remix of the song TKN, as made famous by ROSALIA and Travis Scott. The song went on to gather well over 2 million views on Youtube, and it was played by countless DJs all around the world, including some well-known DJs and radio shows such as Good Times Ahead on Good Times Radio, only to mention one. 2020 has been quite challenging due to the COVID-19 pandemic putting a damper on the club scene.

However, Kat-Rick hasn’t slowed down creatively. He continued to make great music, and he also produced a track named “Bad Light,” which he released in collaboration with Mister V. The song itself ranks as one of the most successful tracks in Kat-Rick’s career. The song scored over 80.000 streams on Spotify alone!

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