No Minimum Needed: How MomentoNFT Allows Digital Creatives to Control Their Own Destiny

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There are two commonalities that unite musicians, artists, writers, and many other kinds of online creators: their fans and the way they use social media to connect with those who love their work.

While people who follow any number of creative careers can consistently create within their given medium, whether or not they are paid for their efforts can either ensure their livelihood or actively harm it.

No matter the type of content that is being created and shared online, there is a cost to it. Some must pay for materials while others must sacrifice time — time taken away from other things they could be doing to create the content they’re known for.

That’s why Momento, a blockchain-based social media platform that directly connects fans with creators, allows people to profit from their popular content no matter how many followers they have.

“We’re giving the ability to create back to the creators by ensuring they have the support they need to do what they love,” said founder and CEO Julian Rodriguez. “By fostering direct fan-to-creator relationships, we’re able to help creators do what they love without having to worry about making money off of sponsorships.”

No Longer “at the Mercy”

While creatives can certainly promote their talents and share their content through the current, traditional social media platforms, they tend to be unreliable. This is because algorithms can eliminate some chance of their content reaching potential fans unless it goes viral. That forces many creative people to pay for ads to garner more fans. 

Without a substantial fan base, many creators cannot participate in substantial partnerships that would allow them to be paid or give them the ability to expand.

“Any company or sponsorship program could tell a creator that they need a certain number of followers or likes to be eligible to earn money through a partnership,” said Rodriguez. “Even once content creators reach a set number of fans, the number required for sponsorship or partnerships could increase based on the success of others in the field, but they could move that goalpost at any minute. The creator doesn’t have that earning power. They’re at the mercy of these companies.”

For many creators, the appeal of sponsorships comes from the amount of money they bring in. It’s nice not to have to worry about paying the bills, after all! But sometimes the sponsorships aren’t worth all the restrictions placed on creators along the way.

 “We build this platform for creators who want to earn money by creating things, not by selling out for sponsorships,” he said. “That’s at the heart of what Momento is doing.”

How Momento Benefits Creative Careers

Momento allows fans of anyone on the platform to pay for content the creator makes and shares. It’s as simple as that.

“That’s where the name comes from. A momento is something that captures a moment and allows someone who wants to remember that moment to hang onto it,” Rodriguez said. “We want fans to own their favorite moments in time, and to be able to do that in a way that directly benefits the creator.”

Think of it like buying a CD, a painting or a movie even if you can see those items elsewhere online. Fans who really connect with the creatives they follow can support them buy paying for one or several pieces of content with Momento.

“We sit at the intersection of TikTok and Patreon by having a mobile social platform that connects content creators to fans in a way that allows fans to financially support creators directly,” Rodriguez said. “Content is an asset class, but most social platforms make it so if you don’t get millions of views and likes, you don’t get paid for content. We’re getting away from that to make sure creators get all the value they deserve from their content.”

This allows those on the platform to be compensated whether they have a million fans or five while building and strengthening the connection between fans and creators. When creators can be compensated by their fans with blockchain-backed digital currency, creatives can spend more time doing just that — creating the content their fans love so much. But creators can also spend more time engaging with their fans and curating content with input or requests fans may have.

Momento Simplifies the Process

Because Momento allows fans to see content and choose to support their favorite creators, those making their unique content do not have to spend so much time juggling multiple social media platforms. The need to make free content for one platform to entice new followers to pay for additional content on another platform is eliminated, saving creators tons of time and effort. Momento streamlines and simplifies the entire process of being paid to do what people love.

“I don’t know a single TikTok creator or Instagram influencer who enjoys chasing after brand deals and specific follower metrics,” said Rodriguez. “So being able to build Momento in a decentralized way to take all that stress away, while still giving creators the fanbase they’ve worked so hard to build, is our number-one mission.”

About Momento:

Momento is a direct-to-fan NFT social network that lets fans and collectors own the best moments of content creators. They have just announced their new partnership with Dapper Labs, the official NFT of the NBA and creators of NBA TopShot & CryptoKittes. Be among the first to create or own your own NFT moment here:

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