Noe Lo is Making a Statement in the Marketing Industry

Noe Lo, a 19-year-old entrepreneur, has been at the front of the recent shift to online brand building and social media exposure.

Over the course of history, it is those who have been early to adapt and quick to evolve that have experienced the most success. It is no different in the marketing world. Being timely to an effective shift in the market can be the key to incredible profits. Noe Lo, a 19-year-old entrepreneur, has been at the front of the recent shift to online brand building and social media exposure.

This Los Angeles resident began in the E-commerce world in 2016 and by 2019-2020, had scaled her business. Her first projects involved developing online stores, selling products, and then growing these businesses into legit six-figure brands. This was achieved through social media marketing strategies that Noe Lo uses in her current company and has helped over 1,700 clients even during the recent pandemic.

Now, in 2021, she is rebranding the agency to become Lorens Digital Media, an agency that will better tap into the potential of the online market. This agency will be able to help any individual, not just those who want to sell products online. Influencers, businesses, fitness coaches, models, and artists will be able to expand their online presence through meme pages and celebrity follower campaigns, video ads, logos, album art, websites, targeted traffic, merch stores, and apps.

It was not always a clear path for Noe, however. In a personal interview, she remembers, “the process for me to find what I really wanted to do with my life took longer than it should have because I used to spend most of my time doubting myself and overthinking. I invested in mentors and books about e-commerce and finally decided to take action, after overthinking it for so long.” Her vision for the short-term future now sees her helping over 100,000 people build their brands and make five to seven figures each.

Noe Lo’s inspiration aligns directly with her views on taking the necessary risks to be successful. She revealed that “my biggest inspiration is Elon Musk because his company Space X had a 10% survival rate and he still believed in himself, invested his money into it, and now it is incredibly successful.”

This is exactly the advice she gives to other young entrepreneurs. “Follow your instincts and do not let anyone that works a normal job tell you your idea is dumb or not valuable. If it makes sense in your head, take action. Just start selling something, you will figure out everything as you go. Don’t over think, take action!”

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