Why Not You and Why Not Now?

“I’ve always known deep inside that I had something great to share with the world. I didn’t know what it was and I couldn’t put my finger on it… But I just knew.”

How many of us can relate to this statement? I know I can, many of us feel it deep in our souls that we are here on this planet to make a massive impact and create something powerful and purposeful. This is true of my recent guest on the Career Breakthrough Series, Brett Campbell, who knew this was the start to his incredible entrepreneurial journey and the spark to create his best selling book Right Now!! Why Not You, Why Not Now? From journeyman cabinet maker to fitness entrepreneur, having built one of the fastest growing fitness brands in Australia, Brett Campbell is a man on a mission and is living the dream life of a young and successful entrepreneur.

Impacted and inspired by the passing of a childhood friend, Brett is now taking his mission to the next level: helping the generations of entrepreneurs and professionals realise their true potential and assume a life of freedom and abundance that is possible for all who dare to take charge of their destiny. Brett Campbell is the owner and CEO of Fit International, a global health and fitness company whose products and services have helped over 45,000 clients, and the Authority Academy, an online community for Internet marketers, coaches, speakers, and small business owners. He is also the founder of the Unleash Your Greatness movement, an international live-event series to help others pursue living the life of their dreams.

Brett shares some incredible actionable tips and advice to help you find out what your big impact on the world will be and how he has successfully created multiple businesses that are making a massive impact. I thought I would share some of the absolute gold from our interview to give you something tangible to take your career or business idea to the next level.

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Powerful Story—Maybe

Brett shared an amazing story which I strongly suggest you all read twice to let it sink in.

There’s a Chinese man who owned a horse, and one day, his horse disappeared. The town folk came to his house and said, “That’s so unlucky.” He responded “Maybe.” The next day, the man’s horse returned along with seven other horses and the townsfolk returned and said, “That’s so lucky.” The man again replied, “Maybe.” A week later the man’s son fell off the horse and broke his leg. The townsfolk again came and said, “That’s so unlucky.” The man replied “Maybe.” Three weeks later, the army came recruiting all the young men in the village to go to war. When they came across this young man with a broken leg, they decided to let him stay in the village. The townsfolk again said, “That’s so lucky.” The old man again replied, “Maybe.”

Brett shares with us the morale of this story  thusly, “Lucky or unlucky, how you perceive the circumstance is purely based on the lens you are viewing it from.”

Don’t Just Do the Bare Minimum

Too many people just float along in their life and only ever put in the bare minimum, Brett reflects on his time as an apprentice cabinet maker, and how going above and beyond expectations can open up amazing opportunities in your career or business. “Most apprentices were just expected to clean up after the tradesman and that was it. I wanted to learn. One day the tradesman called me over and said, “Brett go put together these drawers.” A few hours later, I came back with the trolley of finished drawers. The tradesman looked at them and said they were pretty good.

I said “I know it’s good. You know when most apprentices sweep the floor and just stand and watch, I took all the off cut pieces of wood, and after my work area was clean, I went out the back and made up draw after draw”, as a result of this, Brett was the first apprentice in the workshop’s history to be signed off an apprenticeship in three years instead of four. Brett’s advice for anyone looking to progress in their career is, “Don’t just do the bare minimum, wow the shit out of your employer.”

The Apprenticeship Method

In Brett’s Book, Right Now! Why Not You…Why Not Now?, Brett talks about the apprenticeship method and touches on his own experiences and on the story in the section above. Brett explains that this method is broken down into three sections:


Give to someone. Brett gave blood, sweat and tears to the broomstick, always ensuring the tradesman’s workstation was spotless. This is the importance of going above and beyond your position description or daily tasks and doing something more to stand out and display your value.


Brett explains how he watched the tradesmen like a hawk, and anytime he saw someone working, he would ask questions like, “Why do you hold the chisel like that and not like this?”  Always be curious in your career. Never stop watching and asking questions to grow.


Watching is only the first part, and sadly, most people stop here. The key is in the implementation in your observations and lessons learned. Brett explains how he was in the timber scrap bin, screwing pieces of timber together to learn how to make drawers without the boss knowing as he would be mad he was wasting screws. So take time to implement lessons learned either at work or in your spare time to fast track your career growth.

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