NRI Businessman Tanuj Patel extending his helping hand to the masses in India.

Individuals generally fail to remember their homeland in the wake of settling abroad yet we have an exemption today. Celebrated Entrepreneur Tanuj Patel is a beam of expectation for oppressed and poor individuals. “You request it and you have it,” Tanuj Patel ensures that nobody goes with practically nothing from his entryway. He does his greatest to make life simpler for individuals. Despite the fact that he has left India however his heart is as yet pulsating here.


His philanthropic work for individuals is exceptional. From aiding the families denied of the COVID-19 pandemic to aiding an exceptionally abled individual, Mr. Tanuj Jayendra Patel has demonstrated that he is a godly man. His NGO “Roots Foundation,” situated in Anand, Gujarat is working day and night to help the poor. It’s been more than two months that India has been facing the conflict against Covid. In this battle, Tanuj Patel has contributed to save individuals and battle against this infection. He filled in as a saint to give day by day food administration to those influenced with COVID. He has taken care of the appetite of millions to date and gave occupations to many. He even aided in excess of 17000 workers drive to their old neighbourhood while making food and water courses of action for their protected excursion. Coordinated free clinical test camps, disseminated veils, and did cleaning drives in towns. His work is perceived and he got the 2020 honor by World Record UK and Times Gujarat Icon grant by Times of India.


Be that as it may, this man has likewise helped individuals separated from COVID which isn’t known by individuals. It’s anything but a great deal of exertion to get a positive change in society and Mr. Tanuj has made a special effort to help individuals. A student tweeted Mr. Tanuj to give him a tablet to online examinations and what was straightaway? He got it the extremely following day at his home. At the point when Mr. Tanuj came to know about a disabled individual whose tricycle got old and scrap he astounded him with another one. He even as of late gave Orthosis to an incapacitated individual. The day will get over yet his accounts of benevolent work for individuals will not end.

Having said the entirety of that, plainly there is presumably no region where he hasn’t broadened his assistance. Mr. Tanuj Patel is really the sort of character that the world necessities; he merits enormous regard and acknowledgment for all his work.

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