Olyria Roy is Utilizing Her Talents to Uplift Millions Throughout the Globe

Hundreds of millions of people use social media apps every single day – from Instagram and Facebook to TikTok and OnlyFans, a popular subscription-based platform among many models and influencers. Whether users are scrolling on their phones for entertainment or to simply connect with friends, the saturated environment of social media has made it an opportune place for promoting businesses and advertising products; however, what is truly a valued skill in the social media world is the ability to market oneself as a business and brand.

Prominent model and recording artist, Olyria Roy, is the perfect example of this. As a model, Olyria has turned her popular social media accounts into lucrative platforms which have helped her generate a six-figure annual salary all through her phone. Although Olyria now boasts over 2.6 million followers on Instagram alone and several hundred-thousand across other social media platforms, it did not happen easily by any means. It took Olyria many rejections, lessons, difficult decisions, and sacrifice to arrive in the successful position she finds herself in today.

Olyria was born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1987. Born into a family of numerous children, Olyria and her siblings watched as their mother became one of the first female business owners in St. Petersburg. Watching her mother work hard for her dreams and making them a reality would later play a substantial role in Olyria’s life. After receiving an extensive world-class education, earning two Master’s degrees in international relations and political science, Olyria went on to accept an internship for the United Nations Secretariat in New York City.

“It was an amazing and eye-opening experience,” she explained. “The United Nations hires only the most accomplished people, and I was so proud to work with them.” While this position and her education laid the foundation for a successful transnational career in business, Olyria had other less conventional ideas in mind.

Olyria had always dreamed of becoming a model and singer, and after many weeks of contemplating what direction she would take, she decided to trust her instincts and take a risk pursuing her core passions. Now that she had turned down a job offer with a prestigious international firm to pursue her dreams which most would deem to be unrealistic, the pressure was on for Olyria. This is where her passion and determination was truly put to the test. Olyria began working relentlessly to sign a modeling contract, but to her dismay she was rejected by many modeling directors due to the curvier shape of her figure. Of course, this could easily have been discouraging enough to stop her from chasing her goals, but deep down Olyria knew what she was capable of.

After many failed attempts, Olyria chose to do things her own way. She turned to social media and established a unique brand identity through self-empowerment in which her vision would not be compromised, and the financial rewards would be all her own. She hired her own photographer, and began sharing her modeling work to Instagram. Olyria grew her following by a staggering few hundred-thousand in the first week of sharing her photos, and the rest quickly became history. When she stopped trying to conform to conventional standards of beauty and instead created her own path, people took notice and personal and financial success soon followed. Ultimately, this type of transparency is what Olyria wants to be recognized for – as someone who isn’t afraid to be herself.

“I want to be remembered as a person who inspires people to become the best version of themselves, to not be afraid of difficulties, and to not be afraid to change everything in their lives to follow their dreams,” she says. “I gave up a secure diplomatic and transnational business career to pursue my own dream, and I have never once regretted that decision,” Olyria boldly stated.

Olyria’s social media fame also supplied her with a prime opportunity to showcase her talents as a recording artist. In 2017, Olyria released her first single, “Never,” which quickly put her on the musical map in Russia and all throughout Europe. Since then, she has released multiple hit songs, many of which have even started to find popularity in the United States. Currently, Olyria is working on her biggest musical project to date. She describes the style of her new music as something she’s never done in her previous works, and many fans are restlessly anticipating the arrival of her project.

We have never quite seen a story like Olyria’s before, but one thing’s for sure- her journey is only just beginning. With many significant influencer and modeling plans underway as well as her upcoming music project, we expect a standout 2021 in store for Olyria Roy. We would like to congratulate her on all of her accomplishments thus far, and we look forward to seeing what she does in the near future.

Readers can keep up with the talented Olyria Roy on her Instagram and YouTube.

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