One Of Melbourne’s Cosmetic Dentists: Dr. Minoo Ghamari

Operating a successful business is an achievement in its own right. Today, entrepreneurs globally are struggling to find themselves in the green while economies fluctuate and the job market becomes more competitive. Overcoming that obstacle and turning a profit is the goal for the vast majority. But every sector has its specialists whose focus has gone beyond making money to being distinctive in their area.

Dr. Minoo Ghamari struggled through complex circumstances to reach the first stage. But today, she has announced several commendations for the next stage in the cosmetic dentistry field.

In 2014, following their immigration to the country the year before, Ghamari and her mother, also a dentist, founded Gorgeous Smiles in Melbourne, Australia. It was the first step in a journey that would include many hurdles, not least the circumstances of the past two years.

“I’ve always had the vision to create a dental office that people will not go to with fear but with happiness. To that end, I try to be a good, honest dentist who provides patients with what they want.”, Ghamari stated.

The publications that have commended Ghamari’s status within dentistry include Best in AU, which highlights distinction in specific areas of the Australian industry. In coming to their decision, website editors considered the broad geographical spread of Ghamari’s work, her passion, and the frequency of ‘world-class’ outcomes. Her doctorate in Dental Surgery from the University of Debrecen, Hungary, was also mentioned as a decisive factor.

In addition to achieving her prior international qualifications, passing the Australian dental examinations was another challenge Ghamari faced when starting up her business. While this may not have earned her extra credit with the Australian audience, it was a necessary and difficult step in the circumstances. In discussions about Gorgeous Smiles, attaining mutual recognition could be considered equally important to other, more distinct, developments on either side of Ghamari’s immigration.

Early signs suggest academic and press appreciation has not come at the expense of business prosperity. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gorgeous Smiles has expanded four times over. It recently reported a workforce of over 50 people, which contrasts with the stripped-back origins of the business.

While she continues to receive positive reception in the local, national and international press, Ghamari’s focus has now turned to replicating her success on a wider scale. In the same way that Gorgeous Smiles’ first dental office quickly became too small for its founder’s ambitions, Melbourne is now believed to be the limiting factor in a potentially country-wide business.

“My ultimate goal is to transform as many lives as possible by giving my patients healthier smiles,” Ghamari commented.

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