One of the Best Traffic Source That 90% of Entrepreneurs Are Ignoring

Today, entrepreneurs are setting up their sales funnels, dishing out free eBooks to gain leads, and getting involved in a whole lot of different strategies to get more leads and sales. However, there is still one shockingly underused traffic source that most entrepreneurs aren’t taking advantage of today: YouTube ads.

Using YouTube ads could significantly skyrocket the number of leads and sales you receive if you set them up the right way. This happens to be something that Hafiz Ahmad Ashfaq and Qadeer Wagriya can help with, and have helped a large number of clients.

Ashfaq and Wagriya are the duo behind Madsgency, a new full-service digital marketing agency that has helped online entrepreneurs, YouTube personalities, and coaches across the board. They enjoy a client recommendation score that is an eye-popping 478% higher than the average for digital marketing agencies. It’s clear that Ashfaq and Wagriya, through Madsgency know how to help entrepreneurs get more leads and sales using YouTube ads.

With the help of YouTube ads, it’s possible to sell more products and services than without taking advantage of those ads. By signing up for direct coaching and consultation by Ashfaq and Wagriya, entrepreneurs can save money on leads while increasing their sales. In the eyes of these two successful digital marketing experts, it’s a win-win.

Today, Madsgency boasts spending over $1 million in YouTube ads, while netting 10x ROI for its clients, like famous YouTuber John Crestani. Ashfaq and Wagriya can actually put their money where their mouth is because they have achieved what others only talk about.

Madsgency has a true team of specialists. Wagriya is an expert when it comes to paid traffic like YouTube Ads. Ashfaq knows how to keep prospects moving through funnels until they become a sale.

When it comes to tracking key metrics that identify how well your YouTube ads are doing, Ashfaq and Wagriyaknow exactly what to look at. They dissect everything from paid traffic targeting to ad metrics to webinars and other funnel assets. Madsgency is truly a full-service digital marketing agency for digital entrepreneurs.

This power due has been around for a minute. They are not your run-of-the-mill YouTube “experts” who just showed up one day on the popular video platform talking about how to run ads successfully. They have been at the bottom themselves, launching their own info-products and scaling their funnels to the point of perfection. With big names like John Crestani, Gavin Stephenson, and Niel Malan as some of their prior clients, you can be sure that they are the real deal.

Ashfaq and Wagriya want to help as many entrepreneurs as they can with this under-leveraged traffic source, to increase leads and sales. If you want to start your journey for achieving 10x ROI, then you can get in touch with Madsgency. Their team will be able to help your business launch rockets of success with the help of YouTube ads.

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