Online and Offline Methods to Subtly Market Your Brand Successfully

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Not every marketing approach for an entrepreneur necessarily needs to be big, bold, and out there. Sometimes, subtlety is a better approach. This is very true when soft launching a new restaurant concept or not wanting a new business to grow too fast before it needs to iron out the kinks in its product(s) or customer service first. Later, you can go bigger intentionally to expand quickly once you’re ready for it.

Here are some methods to market more subtly that are still very effective.

Subtle Branding with Self-Adhesive Labels

Self-adhesive labels are useful to provide important details about a brand along with a logo or created to resemble a business card. Acrylic adhesives are used because they provide a better option than rubber adhesive without leaving a mark.

Labels can be created using the Pantone colour scheme where every colour used is given a number, making it easier for accurate printing. With Pantone label printing, there’s a choice of a matt or glossy finish with labels on a roll that peel off as needed.

Use the labels to seal an invitation to a soft launch, to add to each product box to jazz it up, or for another purpose entirely.

Sponsor a Local Event

For companies wanting to sell locally or to initially sell only within the city or town, and then expand nationally, sponsoring a local event is a great way to do that. It’s more visible than posting an advert in the paper and creates a positive first impression about the brand right out of the gate.

There are different ways to find local events. Running a Google search might do the trick. The local council should have a list of upcoming local happenings. Also, look for regular events that run annually where sometimes sponsors drop out and there’s a spot available to get involved.  

Join Up with an Influencer

If you have connections to an influencer on social media who would be interested in what the company is offering, then get in touch with them to discuss it.

The trick here is to be delicate in your approach. If it feels too much like a pitch, then it might not work out. Develop the relationship first, then put the feelers out to determine whether they’d be receptive to learning about the business and how it will benefit other people. Later, see if they’d be interested in sharing the company with their followers.

Bear in mind, you don’t necessarily want or need social influencers with a huge following. Because you’re trying to market more softly in the early stages, someone who’s keen on what the company is doing or its product is more important than how wide their reach is.

Not all marketing needs to be big and bold. Sometimes, companies prefer to grow more slowly and manage growth to avoid losing a secure grip on their finances. Growing pains with newer companies are very real, and rapid expansion has put many unprepared companies out of business as a result.

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