Outsource Specific Facets of Business: Areas Founders Can Enlist Help to Free Up Bandwidth

At one point, companies thought having everything in-house was the goal of a company. In today’s business world, most companies realize that, by outsourcing certain aspects of the business, they can open up the bandwidth of company staff. There are plenty of things, like data entry, that can be handled by a freelancer at a fraction of the price it would cost an hourly employee without sacrificing quality. The internet has also made it very easy to look up the reputation of certain companies to make an informed decision on who to outsource to. The following are areas that can be outsourced that will not only save time but also save money.

Help With Travel Booking for You and Clients

For those that are traveling frequently for business or bringing clients in regularly, it is important to hire a corporate travel agent. The last thing any company wants is a client to have a flight booked by mistake only to make their trip a nightmare. Traveling in luxury is another part of entertaining clients, so an expert in business travel can be a huge help. The ability to do things like arrange a car at the airport can be a great touch for those clients you value. These travel agents can also save a company money as they work with the same airlines or hotel chains on a regular basis.

Content Creation

Creating content for the company blog and offsite publications can be a huge responsibility for just one individual. With this being said, paying a person full-time to write a few blog posts per week is not a wise business decision. There are plenty of content creation companies that can help with this and can create content for industry publications as well. A full-service digital marketing agency would also help with placing this content they have created for content marketing purposes as well as a backlink. Take a look at the talent pool of freelancers as well, as they can help a company save immense amounts of money on their content creation needs.

Freelance Sales Professionals

One tough aspect of growing a small business is bringing on new sales professionals without them impacting the others on the sales team negatively in terms of commission. Freelance sales professionals can allow the sales team’s morale to stay high inside the office while maximizing the reach of the sales team. Depending on the industry, a company can utilize this approach by offering commission only on sales or hourly base pay plus commission. Reward those freelancers richly that are generating an immense amount of sales as you do not want them going on to another opportunity due to being unhappy with the compensation they are receiving. The important facet to manage with outsourcing sales is that the salespeople do not harass prospects or represent the company in a negative manner.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great platform to promote content that is created as well as establish a brand in an industry. Leaving this to an intern can be done if they are proficient enough, but hiring a social media expert or company can be affordable. These companies have contacts in certain industries already and prioritize asking for results garnered by campaigns similar to the one the company or freelancer will be running for the company. A social media expert would be able to generate over 200 followers in a reasonable amount of time. If accounts they have managed in the past have low follower numbers, pass this expert up as they might not know as much as they would like you to think. Finding a person to manage the accounts who helps engage followers is critical as engagement is incredibly important for a variety of reasons.

Payroll and HR

There are businesses of all sizes that use payment processing companies in order to pay their employees as well as contractors. Often times, this can lead to errors if the proper information is not sent to the company. Things like raises or accurately logging employee clock-in times and clock-outs are imperative so the company does not lose money. HR is another area that can be an expensive department to fund, but it can be advantageous budget-wise, and dedicated staff can do a much better job. HR companies taking care of writing up employees or terminating staff can help avoid employees being disgruntled. A founder not having to worry about HR-related tasks or decisions allows them to put their energy towards other more important things. HR companies that have proven track records of success when it comes to hiring as well are the perfect fit for nearly any company looking for help in these areas.

Consider outsourcing different areas of a business to save money as well as getting superior talent to help with certain tasks. Take the time to assess where your company can start outsourcing in order to be as profitable as ever!

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