Ovation Launches AI-Driven Speaker Coaching Platform Studio G

Did you know that Glossophobia, or the fear of public speaking, is so common that some experts estimate more than 75% of people experience feelings of anxiety from it? Though it may seem crazy for three in every four people to be fearful of public speaking, standing in the spotlight to convey a message to crowds of people can cause sweaty palms, heart palpitations, irregular breathing, and performance anxiety – even in the most seasoned public speakers. Each speaking event requires careful consideration and preparation as to the content being delivered, the way it’s delivered to the audience, as well as the audience itself. But, each event also has one thing in common: your goal as a speaker is to clearly and concisely communicate your message to the audience in a way that brings them value and establishes yourself as the confident voice of subject matter authority.

These are just a few reasons why Ovation, a professional presence and speaker readiness consulting firm based in Littleton, MA, is launching Studio G: an AI-driven virtual speaker coaching platform that helps both amateur presenters’ and professional public speakers’ performance shine. Utilizing a trifecta of technology, communication, and live coaching, Studio G sets itself as the modern coaching solution for speakers looking to improve their presentation skills and public speaking performance.

Studio G Helps Speakers Shine

“People develop different skills in different ways at different times,” says Kerri Garbis, founder and CEO of Ovation. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last March, the majority of speaking events, as well as professional coaching sessions, have pivoted to the digital space, “which is why I wanted to create a virtual platform that provides continuous support through one-on-one coaching, community forums and feedback, self-paced learning, and AI-driven performance metrics for busy professionals,” Kerri continues.

With a lifelong background as a professional actress in Broadway-bound musicals such as Angels and performance credits for her roles in Evita, Singin’ In The Rain, Spelling Bee and Ruthless!, Kerri is no stranger to the dynamic and unique needs of live performances. Coupled with industry-recognized certifications as a professional speech writer, as well as a business etiquette and emotional intelligence expert, Kerri has spent the last decade helping professionals from all walks of life develop the skills they need to become renowned and recognized communicators.

Now, with the advent of Studio G, Kerri seeks to further assist professionals develop and refine their public speaking and communication skills with the assistance of AI-driven coaching in the form of Bravo, a “self-paced coaching platform” designed to help speakers boost their performance and confidence through personalized feedback, all at the user’s convenience.

Why Studio G?

Speaking is like any other skill vital to one’s career: it must be practiced and refined in order for anyone to become better at it.

“Professional athletic trainers don’t stop exercising despite already being in good shape,” Kerri adds, “so professional speakers should not stop practicing just because they have already built a career around their communication skills.”

Each day, Studio G users will be able to record private practice sessions and automatically receive feedback from Bravo’s performance metrics. Users can also record rehearsal videos to share with their dedicated speaking coach to generate additional feedback, as well as post questions or vent concerns to Studio G’s user community.

Live weekly group workshops offer users speaking exercises, live Q&A with expert coaches, and an opportunity to learn updated best practices, trends, and strategies to master public speaking. Each month, every Studio G user also receives 60-minutes of one-on-one training with their speaking coach, as well as access to Ovation’s portfolio of professional speaking resources including training videos.

Visit www.GetOvation.com/studiog today to learn more about how the Studio G platform can help propel your professional speaking career or communication skills today.

Kerri Garbis is the Founder and CEO of Ovation and has trained hundreds of business professionals internationally throughout her career as a professional actress, performer, and speaking coach. She is a Professional Speech Writer certified by the Professional Speechwriters Association, a Business Etiquette Expert, certified by The Emily Post Institute, and an Emotional Intelligence Expert, certified by The Hay Group. Her dedication to dynamic, user-tailored content has helped ensure that every Ovation consultant delivers the highest level of client-focused professional training. Visit www.getovation.com today to learn more.

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