Overcoming Entrepreneurial Burnout: How Raising Your Energy Elevates Your Life and Improves Your Business

Sleeping a full eight hours every night is no guarantee that you’ll wake up each day full of excitement and energy to face your work. When you get to that dreadful point in life when the thought of going to your job or business makes you tired and exhausted, you’re most likely burned out.

Generally, burnout is defined as a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress, one that usually occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands.” 

While burnouts in the business environment can be caused by several factors including excessive workloads, slow progress, monotonous routines, disappointments, unprecedented difficulties, most times, the actual cause is more psychological than environmental.

According to renowned psychologist and business mentor, Stefanie Bruns, your energy level as a human being is in direct proportion to your level of enthusiasm at your hustles. Essentially, you cannot give what you do not have. A business is only good as the person(s) operating it.

The approach to excellence in business is very holistic, encompassing the physical, technical, emotional, and psychological well-being of the entrepreneur,” Bruns explains.

For instance, think of a business that’s stonewalled for years – for no apparent reason. It can be that someone has all of the marketing stuff but it’s still not working. Maybe they are in a bad environment regarding their electromagnetic field, or it could be their colleagues, friends, family members, or other persons that drain them down energetically – toxic people called energy vampires. Perhaps, they are sleeping on a waterline or they are not ready when they wake up even though they slept eight hours. It becomes a source of anxiety to watch colleagues running the same kind of business work four or five and still get a lot of clients while delivering the best results.

For entrepreneurs and businesspersons, when you start to hate your business, lack interest in your work process, gain zero satisfaction, or feel like you’re becoming incompetent, you’ve most likely reached a point where you’re out of professional fuel. One of the most common signs of burnout is relentless fatigue. Tiredness is so overwhelming that all you want to do is sleep – the only solid respite from thinking low-vibrating thoughts about your business.

Stefanie Bruns
Photo credit: Stefanie Bruns, with permission.

Your energy level is integral to business success

Bruns is the founder and CEO of Business Flow Academy, an online business coaching academy that helps entrepreneurs optimize their positions across various industries by tapping into the highest potentials of their energy levels.

Before deciding to tread a career path full of purpose for helping others, Bruns endured several painful phases of life that shaped her determination to give other people the secret to excelling, despite any trauma they may have faced.

My life wasn’t straightforward. I suffered from abuse when I was nine and resorted to taking drugs throughout my youth. The trauma manifested in many areas of my life, but the worst of it was when I gave birth to my first child. I had a bad birth experience and, as a result, I nearly died. Afterward, I committed to making a change. I created a new energy identity. This helped me become a stronger person, and during the next three pregnancies, I gave birth completely unassisted.

Most people do not accept or agree with the entire concept of spiritual energy and vibrational connections with the universe – especially not businesspersons who are simply interested in profits and growth. However, according to Bruns, your patrons, customers, and clients subconsciously connect with your energy first.

Through the content you put out on social media, images, and written copy Bruns explains that people can feel your vibe as an entrepreneur through these mediums and that instant subconscious impression usually determines how far they’ll go with your brand.

According to Bruns, there’s a lot of scientific evidence suggesting that humans are electromagnetic beings that send and receive photons through their hearts. Every time someone says, “You shine so beautifully today”, they feel the massive photons emanating from your core.

The energy level in which you spend most of your day becomes your energetic signature, which can also be perceived from marketing materials. Changing this energetic signature can contribute significantly to burnout prophylaxis.

Photo credit: Stefanie Bruns, with permission.
Photo credit: Stefanie Bruns, with permission.

 My selling experience is that people buy into your level of energy,” Bruns says. “Energy sells. Sometimes they can’t explain why they go to a certain expert, ‘I chose them because it felt right.’ If you dig deep, then you’ll find their level of energy is great and that’s why they want to be there. The clients want to stay in the aura of the expert.

To prove that the whole concept of energetic communication between humans isn’t some phony science, researchers at the HeartMath Institute extensively studied how these biomagnetic signals work by timing the pulses in the heart’s magnetic field when the mind is in different emotional states. They concluded that “the magnetic signals generated by the heart have the capacity to affect individuals around us.” Essentially, people can feel other people, and you must ensure that as a businessperson, your prospects feel comfortable and safe with your energy.

Photo credit: Stefanie Bruns, with permission.
Photo credit: Stefanie Bruns, with permission.

Curating your energy to the most beneficial levels – what can you do?

The first step to overcoming a psychological stonewall preventing your progress is to scratch beyond the surface. Chains from the past are sometimes woven into the future and when people begin to get honest with themselves, they may find that a single train of thought, an age-long conversation, or an embattling experience – all charged with varying levels of electromagnetic energy – could be holding them back. There’s certainly something in a part of your life or your business that has thrown you into a state of exhaustion. What can you do to fan the flames of your passion once again?

Stefanie’s mentees consist mainly of professional entrepreneurs such as doctors, therapists, lawyers, coaches, and other elite businesspersons eager to scale their businesses through energy elevation. They are mostly intelligent people doing all the right things, but somehow, they are not quite where they want to be.

They say, ‘I know I am so good at what I do, but I still can’t reach the clients or customers that I could have.’ They know there’s a lot more potential but they have no answer about what’s missing. They don’t know what the missing link is and they can’t explain it.

When people get to a point where they’ve exhausted every known scaling tactic they can fathom, the only way to keep their faith up in the entire process is to find something concrete to believe in. The BFA employs a holistic approach to coaching people about business.

Alongside the foundational entrepreneurial essentials, students of the academy are taught the principles of how human psychology impacts business in all aspects. With scientifically proven mechanisms and learning tools, people eventually master the elite art of polishing their energy levels to the highest points.

The free training program, “Crushing Your Energy Identity Code,” is centered on learning why thoughts are the direct connection to energy levels and how to program limiting beliefs to instantly increase energy frequency levels. They also learn why thoughts are the direct connection to energy levels and how to program limiting beliefs to instantly increase energy frequency levels.

Finally, Bruns also believes that charity, kindness, are generosity are the embers that keep the flames of passion burning for long.

She says: “Help with something or somebody. If you are connected to your cosmic mission, then you can work with ease, you can live a fulfilled life. If you’re connected to your cosmic mission, you will jump out of bed every morning without wishing the day away.”

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