Partnership Between Jungle Juice King and Restaurant Guru Allows Both to Dominate the New Jersey Bar Scene

The food and drink industry is one that is ripe for the taking. Countless stores have been popping up to a huge number of patrons and relative success over the years. With the advent of social media and the influencing industry, a combination of both is all but an inevitable outcome as Jerzey Jungle and Tobias Eats create a synergistic collaboration with both brands coming out on top.

Jerzey Jungle LLC is an alcoholic beverage company straight out of Toms River, New Jersey. The esteemed beverage brand specializes in what it dubs as the modern-day version of alcoholic Jungle Juice, a drink that most people from the ’90s are all too familiar with. They are known for being the first company to ever bottle the favorite college party drink, and the brand’s reputation has exploded all over New Jersey as a result.

The Jerzey Jungle Juice is made with grain alcohol, giving it a delicious fruit punch flavor. The juice is also gluten-free, making it one of the best-tasting and most unique drinks out there on the market. With the drink’s massive popularity, it is poised to become the staple drink of the Jersey Shore as it continues to crush the New Jersey liquor store and bar scenes.

The brand has over 75+ locations all throughout the United States, with hopes of expanding at a rapid pace in the years to come. Owner of Jerzey Jungle, Tim Gillen, is staking his claim within the food and drink industry as he makes his way toward building an alcoholic empire. Recently, Gillen teamed up with local food guru and professional food and beer drinker Herbert Christopher Tobias, more famously known as Tobias Eats.

Tobias Eats is the influencer’s personal brand; his personality is sort of a mix between Guy Fieri and The Slut Whisperer. He is a unique blend of both celebrities, taking the best parts of each and creating a brand new whole that’s called Tobias Eats. Together, Jerzey Jungle and Tobias have collaborated to help promote each other’s brands. 

Gillen and Tobias met a few months ago on social media. Tobias helps Gillen promote Jerzey Jungle Juice as well as helps with leads toward getting the drink in the bar and restaurant scene. As a foodie and a certified influencer, Tobias Eats is heavily connected within the restaurant scene. Bars, clubs, celebrities, athletes, and influencers all know Tobias from his famous show.

In return for the connections and exposure, Gillen promotes Tobias Eats and works with him to produce more content as well as collaborating with him to source for more work for his production company. Jerzey Jungle uses professional production team and good friends Xinema Media for most of their original social media content, videos, and pictures, which helps to bring Jerzey Jungle Juice to life.

“I love Tobias’s vibe and energy. The guy has a great personality,” said Gillen. “It’s a very fun lifestyle. We always get to meet and party with new people. That’s how we do work,” he added. This unique but absolutely sensible collaboration has been making waves in various business circles as well as those that are involved with social media and marketing. With all the hype surrounding both brands, one thing’s for sure. Gillen and Tobias have created a perfectly harmonious partnership that will last for years to come.

To know more about Jerzey Jungle, visit the company’s official website. For more information about Tobias Eats, visit his website. Check them out on Instagram: Jerzey Jungle and Tobias Eats.

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