Parul Uppal Redefines the Educational Space With Her Online Learning and Networking Platform Called Inkclick

There are a set of people who believe in relentlessly following their dreams and achieving all of it one by one; while there are a set of other individuals who believe in pushing the limits and setting higher standards for others to not only make a flourishing career for themselves but also go ahead in doing the good to others. These individuals are motivated by the fire within them to make a profound difference and impact in people’s lives for the better. Parul Uppal serves as the classic example of one such high-performing professional who has now jumped into the online education field with her online learning and networking platform called Inkclick.

Uppal hails from Chennai, India. Since her childhood, she was bowled over with the idea of creating a career for herself that she could be very proud of all her life. As she grew up, her visions and dreams became stronger, being a defence child and changing ten schools in her fourteen years of schooling. She felt a deep inclination towards learning literature. This made her pursue graduation in B.A (Hons.) English Literature from Delhi University. Uppal went ahead to earn a dual master’s degree in mass communication and classical music from renowned Indian institutes for her passion in music.

All started for her at the age of 21, when she held the position of an anchor on Zee News. Interestingly, she was the first anchor to present a bulletin on India Today’s channel (formerly known as Headlines Today). After that, she became the Prime-Time anchor with Aaj Tak for five successive years. Uppal went towards lifestyle anchoring with Zee News for the next four years and was also a part of News shows for the Cricket World Cup, 2011.

Uppal has acted as a ray of hope in the educational arena, collaborating with several Indian and international institutes like the National Institute of mass communication & Journalism and the NRAI School of mass communication to spread journalism and anchoring knowledge and worked towards reducing the concept of yellow journalism. Her exposure to India’s educational field opened up her eyes to the many issues in the education system. She understood how expensive learning posed as a hurdle for many lower-income groups in their quest to get quality education.

This ignited the fire within her to start an online learning and networking platform in the form of Inkclick to help students, teachers, and parents learn from global teachers at low rates and network with their peers and industry professionals. She has always maintained that formal education is essential to realize that learning can happen anytime, anywhere, and no one must be deprived of it, especially due to money constraints.

Uppal has been a leader with her philanthropy work as well, where she supports children’s education at SOS Children Village, New Delhi, India. Today, she stands tall as a visionary journalist, news anchor, ed-tech enthusiast, and founder of Inkclick, who has to her credit many awards like Miss DU’s title during her college days and has remained the prime-time news anchor with several channels for many years.

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