Passion Is Musician Jay Medvedeva’s Strongest Weapon To Achieve Her Dreams

Jay Medvedeva

Passion is the fuel that inspires and drives people toward specific goals, no matter how unlikely or difficult they might be. It generates the enthusiasm needed to plow through the biggest obstacles and overcome the most intractable challenges. It inspires loyalty, teamwork, hard work, and, eventually, success. One such passion that became a key to success is Jay Medvedeva; a musician, DJ, and producer who at a very young age made her mark in the music industry.

Since her childhood, Jay was constantly encircled by music as she had an extremely dynamic music family where her dad used to be a club owner and have his own band, and in the following year’s jazz music teacher in Suvorov academy Moscow Academy. Her enthusiasm for music appears to be inherent, nonetheless, an extraordinary snowboarding mishap that had her attached to a bed in 2007 brought forth a thought inside her that changed her life later for the good.

Afterward, subsequent to figuring out how to DJ she went to compete in a DJ competition in Russia in 2008 and was the only female challenger that got the second spot. This event inspired her considerably further and she endeavored to set up a firm spot in this field.

Since she moved to Europe every year she has been improving herself as an artist and producer, her journey in London started at Subbase Academy for music production then step by step she became a well-known artist and got her invites to  Fabric, Egg, Warehouse, Pacha, Lightbox, KOKO, We Are Festival, Space Miami, Gate Milano, Polifonic, WMC Miami, BPM Mexico, SXM, Big Burn Festival, Untold, Neversea, Burning man and many more. Also been a long-time resident for Nomad talent agency (New York Base). 

Her passion for music has no limits. For her, music is a therapy through which she can communicate with the rest of the world. Her energy doesn’t end here. She is continually availing opportunities to expand her music knowledge. For example, she appreciates learning new instruments like piano and is always eager to deliver something new to the masses. 

Presently, she is situated in Berlin where she is working on her creation with UNDERHER (Khaled Bess) 

Her recent release with Doyeq where she performed as a vocalist for TrueColors Label been in the top positions since release in September 2020 in Best Organic House/ downtempo, Best New Releases September, Best Melodic /House Techno charts. EP has already been supported by Richie Hawtin, Carl Craig, Marco Carola, Pete Tong,  John Digweed, Guy J, Just Her, Paco Osuna, Danny Tenaglia, Idris Elba, Tocadisco, and many more. 

Recently she became a part of Decay Records by releasing her single with Shaun Reeves, together with remixes of Giuliano Lomonte, David Gtronic, Davide decay, and GIORGIO Maulini.

Through her story, she wants to inspire young people to never give up and live life with passion and follow the heart. She believes that music can heal and create deeper connections in our society. 

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