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PatientPartner Announces Expansion

Telehealth has changed the face of healthcare forever. This is especially true with the onset of the COVID pandemic. People who could no longer connect with their doctors in person took to video conferencing to access care and support. 

 PatientPartner, a platform developed by co-founders Patrick Frank and George Kramb, goes beyond the patient-to-provider connection to bridge the gap between consumer technology and healthcare. 

Kramb spent his career working alongside doctors as a medical device specialist. Through his role, he recognized that despite the advances everywhere else in healthcare, patients were still full of fear and confusion. Kramb saw a need to provide an accessible resource outside the operating room to help ease their concerns. Along with Frank, they built the platform with a focus on empowering patients by bringing them together through a patented IP algorithm based on relatability to help patients make confident decisions for their health. 

The PatientPartner platform connects patients diagnosed with a condition or who have a need to go through a procedure with a community of mentors who have already experienced the same treatments. While other areas of healthcare are trying to replace human interaction with AI-chatbots, PatientPartner is focusing on leveraging technology to enhance human connection, ultimately driving patients to act upon their health.

Initially starting with orthopedic and bariatric surgeries, PatientPartner is designed to feature access to over 500 mentors and a host of medical specialists. The platform can even help connect potential patients to the top doctors who have been peer-reviewed and vetted through the patient community. 

Expansion Announcement 

Given PatientPartner’s popularity since its inception, expansion and growth were due to follow. Frank and Kramb are excited to be scaling the business rapidly and have big plans for bringing the connection and support that PatientPartner promises to even more people. 

The company initially began serving the Southern California markets and have since expanded into 17 locations across the US. These markets include Phoenix-Scottsdale, Las Vegas, Dallas/Fort Worth, New York, Miami, Chicago, and Seattle, with even more cities on the docket before the end of the year. This growth will empower more patients to take advantage of mentors and connect with specialists nationwide. 

In addition to expanding the geographic footprint of their platform, they are also soon to be launching into additional healthcare procedures across women’s health, fertility, spinal and cosmetic procedures. 


The latest advancement from PatientPartner seeks to take the conversations happening on social platforms and provide structure and guidance to them in their new application, Discussions. The feature highlights the most relatable individuals to your conditions and filters out the noise and irrelevant information to ensure patient users have a highly personalized experience in their interactions with other patients and mentors on the platform. 

With Discussions, new patients will have access to a relatable mentor who has shared the same experience as well as an entire community of similar past-and-present patients to provide support, guidance, and accountability all the way through recovery. 

Discussions allows for more than just care navigation,” says Frank. “It allows for what we are calling Care Continuance.

Patient-Centered Growth

What sets PatientPartner apart from the outset is their focus on their users— the patient, not just the needs of the health providers. Many technological advances in telehealth have made physicians’ lives easier, but PatientPartner takes a different approach. 

“We believe that if we can make the patient’s life easier, those benefits will pass along to the physician and their practice,” said Kramb. “It’s bringing both parties together and building something that they both benefit from.”

Kramb and Frank are dedicated to ensuring the platform remains patient-centered during the company’s continued growth. While keeping the ability to connect and seek support at the patient’s fingertips, they are constantly looking for new barriers that need to be broken down to create a simplified and personalized healthcare journey. 

Physicians see the benefit of what PatientPartner has to offer. The platform has collected a strong roster of top-rated specialists ready to support patients, answer questions, and supply services. 

Non-Stop Growth

PatientPartner has brought on a group of talented people to help scale the business and realize the platform’s full potential. Both Kramb and Frank have built a fun, collaborative culture that makes growth an easy and natural progression. Being featured in Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas, to being recognized as the best in the industry for their unique marketing approach by the Healthcare ASTER awards, the company is mission-driven with top talent behind it. 

PatientPartner is only at the ground level of everything they are building. With their goal of bringing healthcare together into one place to create the most simplified and personalized patient experience ever, PatientPartner is revolutionizing the future of healthcare, one discussion at a time.

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