Patrick Szydlik, One of the Worlds Best Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Patrick Szydlik

Patrick Szydlik, owner & CEO of Real Estate Social Pros, a San Diego startup that’s making waves, started with one thing in mind.

“How do we catch excellence” Patrick spent months after the sale of his other real estate company (Film 360 Company LLC) rethinking social media for real estate agents with a clear intention of creating something unique, which involved solving some of the major pain points for agents in the industry.

Taking all of his real estate knowledge over the years and combining it with his incredible skill set in marketing, the question begs to be asked: How can you have a product that is beyond good? How do you catch excellence?

“First, the product or service has to work, it has to work every time and it has to work for everyone.

Second it has to be affordable and not something reserved for the ultra successful.

Third, we wanted to make an impact, we wanted to make an impact on our client lives, their clients lives, and all the micro communities that benefit from us being involved.

Fourth, it has to be easy to use with amazing customer service. Only by creating something that meets all of those criteria do we start considering it excellent”

Nowadays any agent can find a company that does social media marketing. You can find local companies, big companies, small companies, overseas companies, cheap companies, pricey companies, and everything else in between.

The concept is the same, making you look good online, you either don’t want to do it, don’t have the skills to do it, or don’t have the time to do it. So companies fill in the gap of posting consistently and using the features of platforms like instagram and facebook to keep you closer to being top of mind, which if hasn’t been happening, fundamentally works, and has worked for decades.

The challenge is finding a company that understands not only the features of the platform and how to grow an account, but also real estate. That understands your clients want to be stimulated by you, they crave authenticity, they want to know you better, they want to trust you, and the only thing holding them back from those feelings is the way you currently approach social media.

Building Know, Like, and Trust. The secret to meaningful connections

Patrick Szydlik mentions this concept as one of the pillars of social media for any industry, but especially for real estate where a client can be nurtured for years and lost with one conversation. Patrick gives us more insight on what this means online:

“Fundamentally people like working with people they know and like. You don’t want to work with someone you know and don’t like. It can also be challenging if you like the person, but know nothing about them, which then leads to trust. If someone is investing their time or money in you they believe they are going to get a return on their investment and you are going to deliver what you promised them, they also DESERVE that.

If you look on social media at real estate agent accounts almost all of them look the same or are bland. They post content of homes, heavy use of graphics, or it looks super nice, but you don’t know anything about them. We focus on a balanced approach to content that uses all of the features of platforms like instagram to give your followers a unique experience of you.

Educating, Inspiring, and entertaining our way into your clients hearts. Truly allowing them to feel like they know you, getting them to like you, and trusting you to solve their problems even if they never met you. It’s the best way to build a long term brand, one that can stand the test of time and provide an abundance of business.”

A Passion For Perfection – A product revolution

When working with multi millionaire clientele, helping market homes of billionaires, and being alongside some of the biggest names in real estate Patrick Szydlik has not only held his own, but been one of the industry’s bigger secrets. His ability to understand business on all levels and be able to provide innovative solutions to complex problems have left job opportunities from 9 figure companies sitting on his doorsteps.

The story behind his latest venture is one that is very unexpected. Patrick tells us what caused him to go to the drawing board for a working product with happy customers.

“Social Media has held a variety of feelings in my heart, some very painful actually which made it hard to get back into the space, let alone make it my primary venture and passion. I started using instagram in 2012, so I have been on the platform for almost 10 years. Over the years I’ve seen it change, grow, mature, get out of hand, I mean 10 years of observing one of the biggest tech companies in the world will give you a different perspective.

I at one point was using data dictionaries to achieve targeting that wasn’t readily available to the public. I had the ability to advertise to people with 3 million dollars liquid in their bank, or a black Amex card, maybe they spent more than $50,000 on eating out in a year. Really my reach was endless so the clientele I was able to pick up was quite exclusive.

I started teaching courses in 2018 on Social Advertising and eventually ran into my ex who I pushed into entrepreneurship and helped open her own social media agency by whitelabeling my existing clientele. Business was one of the main causes of why we were fighting and eventually ended up splitting.

I didn’t want to be involved in social media any more. By 2020 the demand for our clients for more just became too big, so I opened a social media division under the wing of our software company. I hired a rockstar marketer, Maddie, and we took on clients at a boutique level. The product worked, our clients were happy, and I got to be hands off with the client experience.

When Maddie got offered a job to be the head of social media for UFC I was beyond thrilled, but was now facing a gap to fill in the business. I was in the process of selling FIlm 360, my media company of 5 years and had to make a decision on my next venture. I watched this documentary on netflix, called the octopus teacher.

The emotions at times were comical, but it left me in awe. How could someone have so much passion and purpose in their life? It made me realize that I was not going to step into Real Estate Social Pros for the money, but had to find a way to feel real passion, a real purpose for what I did and until that happened there was no way I would want to continue.

I spent 60 days taking everything I knew about social media, all the changes of the years, the thousands of properties we marketed, all the videos, all the content we created, all the knowledge of systems, building a brand, and all the problems our clients had to create this new product. The ability to “catch excellence” was my passion, to be able to impact the lives of others through our clients was a calling.

I can now confidently say there is no other company in the space that can stand toe to toe with our understanding of what we are doing for an agent organically.”

Picking an industry not a Product

Patrick credits his ability to be where he’s at based off of choosing real estate as an industry. Starting off with media Patrick developed connections with influential Agents and organizations in real estate.

The ability to focus on just that industry helped him co-found a software company within real estate and not online provide more value to his clients, but go deeper with his knowledge base of how business actually works for successful agents. Along the way Patrick gained powerful Marketing skills that complimented the rest of his businesses within real estate.

Over the years Patrick has said no to working on projects in a variety of industries even those most of the same fundamentals apply and that single belief alone has allowed him to excel past competitors trying to gain market share in his industry.

What’s Next For Real Estate Social Pros? 

Real Estate Social Pros currently has one product. Social Media Management, that includes content curation, building a brand, posting of stories and posts, managing engagement, and growing an account, all to result in more business for his clients. This service is done on two platforms at the moment Instagram and Facebook, Although more platforms may be on the horizon in the future, no new releases will be done until the service can meet the criteria of “catching excellence” On top of that Real Estate Social Pros path to expanding the products they offer is by growing their clientele based strategically.

By growing with intention Real Estate Social Pros can maintain quality and customer satisfaction which is one of the most important aspects of their business. If you want to learn more about Real Estate Social Pros you can connect with Patrick on Instagram @Real_Estate_Pat or @RealEstateSocialPros as well as go on their website

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