Paul Funk’s Mentorship Program is All About Overall Development

The right mentorship can do wonders for anyone. Paul Funk, under his guidance and best knowledge, is coaching people about expanding their work and skills through meditation techniques and NLP. Through online coaching, the millionaire entrepreneur has trained many students to build a 6-figure income. He trains people in all relevant subject areas to build a successful company including positioning, sales, NLP, Instagram marketing, online marketing, branding, e-commerce, management training, scaling in sales, mindset, personality development, and affiliate marketing.

Funk was born and brought up in Friedrichshafen, Germany and he owns the company named 247er Marketing und Vertriebs GmbH. With formal training as Hypnosis coach, Train the Trainer,

Neupro Linguistic Seller and NLP Master, this young man’s journey from salesman to millionaire is inspiring many youngsters today. Speaking about how he chose his profession, Funk said, “I analysed the market and realised that there are many coaches who teach certain topics but with a price. I acquired knowledge and made it available on the online platform for almost free.” Trained by Marc Galal, personally, Funk is now teaching his students a lot about meditation, self-coaching and how to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually.

Widely known as “The Wolf of personal development” in the market, the entrepreneur is financially free today and is living life at peace and contentment. His most remarkable event remains as an NLP practitioner in Turkey with Marc Galal, where more than 700 people were in the attendance. Striking the perfect balance between spiritual and material health, Funk has positively influenced the lives of many people. Moreover, the best thing about his working method is that it is quick to learn and implement as he uses deep psychological methods to anchor the techniques in a better way. Revolutionizing the coaching market through his expertise, he pays people for their further education by getting up to 70% commission through a remuneration concept; thus helping people grow their business.

The entrepreneur has a strong plan for his future and he is all set to dominate the market of personality development through his product and remuneration concept. He is hopeful that his company will become synonymous to personality development programs. “The idea is to let people know about topics such as meditation, yoga, spirituality and how it has a positive impact on our mind. Before training for work, you must train the mind because what your actions are the reflection of your thoughts. It will open doors for my company on a global level and I can bring a change across the globe”, added Funk. Lastly, the entrepreneur stated that everyone is capable of doing everything and the strength only lies in the skilled mindset.

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