Paul Nutall: Breaking the Stigma of Life After Imprisonment

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Life after imprisonment can look like a lot of things, and often those things are not positive. As a matter of fact, there are only a small number of men and women who exit the prison system and have positive experiences. The bounce back to living a regular life is non-existent and a new normal (and reality) must be faced. This is exactly what Paul Nutall, Producer of 2nd Chances Saves Lives, experienced, and refused to make negativity his experience.

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Paul Nutall was one of nine siblings. His mother being a single parent that struggled to support nine children paved a way of strength and will for Paul. He become a renowned gang-unit officer and three-time kickboxing world champion. No matter the professional and educational successes attained, his life was turned upside down time and time again. From family abandonment in 1994 to a false conviction and imprisonment in 2007.

After serving 14 months for a Nigerian scam he was found innocent for, he departed prison a changed man and a financially burdened one. His inability to pay child support landed him back in jail for another six months. This was like a double punishment. Who departs prison and can automatically pick back up where they left off? The system is not designed to give grace and time for financial stability to take place.

Instead of falling victim to his circumstance, Paul Nutall chose another way to handle his life. He decided to rise rather than fall. And as he rose, life knocked him down again and again. From finding out his mother passed away and father passing away three months after that to Hurricane Harvey taking the life of his eldest twin daughters and false allegations to smudge his reputation.

When all feels loss, what do you do? Do you give up? Do you fall into a depression? Most people would have. Well, this where Paul Nutall proved to everyone just how extraordinary he was (and is). He used his pain, experience, and faith to forge forward. He had goals. He had drive. He wanted to change the world. He wanted to make a difference and show others that life does not stop after prison and pain. He wanted to show everyone has a second chance to change their life.

Together with his wife, they created the television program 2nd Chance Saves Lives and Forgotten Prisoners. Forgotten Prisoners is a documentary sharing stories of prisoners who were convicted of crimes they did not commit. His experience and trails after his false conviction, he realized he wanted to shine a light on the prison system and the prisoners who are affected because they innocently serve unreasonable amounts of time behind bars (especially those who are innocent and are awaiting trial).

Both television programs have a recurring theme…inspiration. It is sharing stories of overcoming traumas, life trials, and systemic or social constructs meant to cripple the well-being of people. Paul Nutall is proving that a second chance at life can reap many unexpected awards and manifest opportunities that result in greatness. It has certainly been the case for him. Stay tuned because there is so much more to come from these television programs.

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