Phil Miller Wants to get to the top of the Music Industry

Isn’t it always surreal to learn about all those individuals, especially youngsters, who strive to attain excellence in whatever they wish to do in their lives and careers? The younger brigade is much more aware of what they really want in life and hence, do not fear taking steps towards turning their dreams into a reality.

The music industry is an ever-growing and ever-evolving industry that we all know, and we also notice how great talents are produced every year from every corner of the world. However, only a few rare gems go ahead in making it huge in the same and one such young talent is Phil Miller, who exudes high levels of passion, madness and determination to make it huge as a young musician and songwriter and boy did, he achieve massive success.

Since the beginning, if anything that ever attracted Phil Miller the most, it was all things music; major courtesy also goes to his elder brother Charles Miller from whom he drew great inspiration. Phil Miller was born and raised in Elon, North Carolina, the US and while he saw Charles play the drums, his heart got hooked on to the guitar at the age of 9.

Phil Miller reveals how he watched his brother and his friends form several screamo bands and practice at their childhood home. This ignited the fire in young Miller to become the musician of his dreams. Over the years, Phil Miller honed his skills at singing and playing and by the age of 14, he was already writing some of his first songs.

Phil Miller throws light on how after getting into Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO, he began with writing higher quality songs. On the other hand, his brother Charles lived in Nashville and studied the music business at Belmont University, where he did a lot of networking with several songwriters and musicians during the time. He shared Phil Miller’s songs with them, which eventually helped him to release some of his first songs, leading him to become the musician and artist he is today.

Phil Miller says that he has been playing music for as long as 20 years now and began with writing and performing at the age of 16. In 2018, he released his 3-tracks EP ‘Jamaican Sun’ and since then has also released 3 other singles, amongst which ‘One Horse Town’ is the most popular. This year, he plans to release at least 6 songs and can’t wait to entertain his listeners and followers yet again.

We are sure this young independent artist is here to stay and slay in the music scene for years to come. To know more, follow him on Instagram @philmillmusic.


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