Pianist and Founder of Elite Piano Institute Anna Goryacheva is Taking Music Education to the Next Level

Russian-American award-winning pianist, educator, entrepreneur, and founder of Elite Piano Institute Anna Goryacheva is blazing the trail in the world of music with her strategic way of doing things and her well-established Piano Institute. Her story began in Russia where she received her bachelor’s degree from the famous Russian Gnessin Academy of Music in Moscow, one of the best music schools in the world today.

Fueled by her love for adventure and the need to explore new territories, she applied for the artist Diploma performance program at USC and got accepted. Her talents and skills opened the door to not just an admission abroad but also a full scholarship. Rather than choosing to follow the comfortable path, Anna decided to move to a foreign land and begin a new journey in California.

Over the years, Anna has been recognized internationally for her captivating performances, sparkling technique and charisma, her ability to emotionally connect with the audience, she reveals uniqueness every time she touches the keys and leaves her audience in awe. Anna has performed on stages worldwide, including Russia, the US, Poland, Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, and Hungary as a soloist and chamber musician, and these concerts were broadcasted on TV and radio in Hungary, Lithuania, Sweden, and Russia. The brilliant Anna took a leap of faith when she left her home country and never looked back since that time, it has been from one level of success to another.

One of the amazing features of Anna’s story is that she carries people along and she still thrives. Her Piano Institute, Elite Piano Institute is distinct as a specialized piano project, where she provides top music education in the United States. Anna has successfully established herself as a force to be reckoned with, together with her highly professional team and faculty, she works to provide her students with massive opportunities to showcase their talents on global stages. From Russia to a successful entrepreneur in Los Angeles, Anna Goryacheva is truly living the dream.

Graduates from her Elite Piano Institute go on to get admitted with the highest scholarships at the best universities and conservatories including the renowned Julliard, Stanford University, USC, UCLA, and many more both in the US and abroad. Anna’s story is one of strength and perseverance, she continues to influence her sphere, through her Elite Piano Institute projects and competitions, helping young pianists gain the recognition and attention they deserve.

Hers is the only project that offers real money together with unique performance opportunities to young pianists.

With determination to succeed and stand out, Anna truly took her sphere by storm! She continues to make moves and build more worldwide recognition as an established woman, entrepreneur, and soloist,  helping young people achieve their musical dreams.


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