PIBLITZ.COM: A Platform to Make Knowledge Accessible to Everyone

What is PiBlitz?

 Vadodara-based two brothers came up with an idea to develop a knowledge-sharing platform that will revolutionize the entire field of Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing.

 Piblitz is World’s first social media for knowledge development where anyone can crowdsource anything and get knowledge contributions from anyone worldwide. “No one is a master of everything, but everyone has his bit of knowledge to contribute to society” — Piblitz revolves around this belief.

With the pandemic caging us in our homes, many Organizations and Communities have been cut off from working in teams. Innovation happening in this pandemic is going to pave the way for the new normal. Being an online collaborative platform for Research Organizations, content creators, and various communities to share & work together on their ideas, Knowledge, and Blueprints, PiBlitz is one such innovation.

When and Why…

It all started when Dharmesh Rajput — the founder of Piblitz, was working on a heat engine in his college days. He recalls, I was working on developing a modified ICE (Internal Combustion Engine). I started designing the Engine according to my idea, which would improve its efficiency. Due to a lack of in-depth knowledge of advanced thermodynamics, I got stuck in designing some parts. After a few days, I met some of my friends. Coincidently, the two of them were pursuing a master’s in Chemical Engineering. We got into the conversation and came up with an altogether better design. It was at that moment when I realized —the power of having access to open knowledge and crowdsourcing.

 Improving a model was not an easy task. Aside from the money and time, it requires a lot of knowledge from diverse fields and thorough research. Currently, many reputed research papers and scientific knowledge are behind a huge paywall. His main motive was to make these resources available within everyone’s reach for free. This incident set the wheels into motion, and he, along with his younger brother Harnish decided to build a platform that would serve as an open-source knowledge-sharing platform.

Capabilities of Piblitz

On Piblitz, Impactful people or organizations can create a Pi — A knowledge-container which can have infinite knowledge in any digital form i.e files, folders, online article, technical files and a lot more. This Pi helps them to get knowledge-contributions from anyone around the globe, while people associated with the organization can moderate the content.

“Right now only some impactful NGOs, communities, and content creators(in sci-tech) are given the privilege to create a Pi to maintain the quality of content.

Organizations like 360 Research Foundation, Pathshala, BoseX, Revmechanics, and dozens of content creators, tech clubs are been given the privilege to create a Pi.

Piblitz has more than 5,000 users, including active users from various premier engineering colleges of India like IITs and NITs who are the people contributing their knowledge in Pi’s on Piblitz.” — Co-Founder, Harnish Rajput stated.

As the “Pi”(π) in the name Piblitz suggests, it is a platform of unlimited knowledge. There is a rising need for a cloud-based platform to access, share and store significant projects or to get knowledge contributions to them ANYTIME and from ANYWHERE.

For providing free knowledge to the World, creators & organizations can get monthly subscription money from their most loyal fans. This helps them to keep giving more to the World.

Piblitz aims to provide a platform that fulfills the needs of aspiring bright minds capable of reigniting the flames of knowledge and welfare for society.

Open Research on Piblitz

 India generates around 0.67 patents per million, whereas the count for USA is 129

 patents per million and for China, it is 15.58 patents per million.


Piblitz is a community, where every type and form of industry knowledge would be available for free to everyone, and people can build together, opening new dimensions of open-knowledge. This will help to boost the growth of open knowledge in India, supporting our country to become a global leader in industry expertise and patent generation.

In India, Researchers can find Research papers to read, but generally, the data on which the paper was derived is difficult to find.

Some critical features provide control for all types of content and 3D visualization; adding to this CAD, E-CAD, and 30+ other file formats are supported and can be viewed directly on the platform interface. The platform boasts a version control system to manage various versions created while building a project or a knowledge-base.

“Researchers can simply post their Open-access research papers with all its’s scientific data backing it in a Pi — This will give a base to other fellow researchers to work upon instead of them starting from scratch. The new advancements in the same domain can again be posted in the same Pi, creating a never-ending chain of Open Research” — answered Dharmesh, GEC Bharuch 2018 batch.

Social Features and Democratic Freedom

Every Pi has Threads; this is like Twitter threads which adds a social element to the platform. Users can post their views and discuss ideas in threads. Pi is a knowledge store box where anyone can add in their knowledge. The Piblitz profile of the contributor has education details and work experience(if any) — this helps to know the domain of a person adding knowledge. Once someone’s addition has been approved in a Pi other than the creator of the Pi, then the Pi becomes a Public entity that even the creator cannot delete. If the edits of a person are not accepted, he can still share his version of knowledge(draft) with the World.

It’s always been a collaboration that led to marvelous creations. Even if it were ever an individual, one would have got stuck in the middle given that he/she didn’t get any helping hand. Our vision is to provide tools that would allow innovation to sprout in our country’s young and bright minds.

– Mr. Har,i‹h Ra¡9ut, NII Surac 2020 bac›h

Their flagship event IdeaBlitz 1.0, brought together a set of 1000+ problem-solving enthusiasts from over 30+ institutes all over the country to propose innovative solutions to pressing real-world problems. Those 12 problem statements ranged from “Women’s safety at night” to “Food wastage in India” covering various issues. The problem statements were very well formulated and depicted the reality, this helped Innovators find practical solutions for the problems.

This platform has enormous possibilities as it clearly conveys a new way of collaborating on Open Knowledge. This advanced platform has received an exemplified recognition from Start-up India.

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