Pinjerla Satish Yadav Introduced as a Professional Bowler in 2021

Pinjerla Satish Yadav Indian cricketer and the current Net Bowler for the Punjab King’s.

Pinjerla Satish Yadav Indian cricketer and the current Net Bowler for the Punjab King’s. A Right Arm Fast Bowler & Right-Hand batsman.

Early Life & Education:

He was born on 26th-April-1997 to the ethnic couple Pinjerla Sarvesh Yadav is an Indian politician & Madhavi Yadav who is a Homemaker. And he raised up in Hyderabad of Telangana.


Satish has 2 siblings and cousins: Two brothers and two cousin sisters. His Brother Mr.P.Sandeep Yadav is a Software Employee and P. Abhilash Yadav working as a Police Constable. Satish has cousin’s sisters Ashvitha Yadav pursuing Graduation and Varsha.

They all grew up and spent most of their lives together. They all like certain things but they all manage to live together in harmony. There was a huge family almost, everyone always looked out for each other.

At that moment his father Sarvesh Yadav started his Political journey and he, preferred to do service selflessly to the people in any situation and by extending his service and work by accepting honorable positions.

Satish’s Passion Towards Cricket:

Amongst all the outdoor games, cricket is Satish’s favorite and he loved to play cricket. As it is the most-watched sport in India and people have an emotional connection towards it.
Since the date he brought up, Satish has inspired by International cricketers and has been shown a keen interest in Cricket. Cricket defines his passion, it shows him how countless dreams turn into reality. and the man who made this game a passion.

Satish spent the first few years of his life accomplishing high School from National Institute in a Distance. And completed his open schooling with outstanding grades in the year 2016. During his school days, he was always ready to show his passion to the people.

As he a shown a dedication towards cricket, In the class of 6th Satish picked up a Cricket Bat and started his cricket career. Started swinging it and asked his father to a bowl and stood by him.
And firstly he opts to bowl with his father’s support who had always been his inspiration, and he still is. He is his greatest mentor also. He was the one who drove Satish to practice every day.

The way he influenced and motivated him in different stages of his life to became a good example to many of the people, to fight against the odds in life, to attain success, and most importantly to be happy in life are exemplary. Satish is regarded as one of the best contemporary Right Arm Bowler.

Satish’s father took And to Gymkhana ground that he should not waste his time playing cricket in local areas and took him there for practice. And his passion for cricket deepened and he started playing meritoriously in School Leagues and Consequently took part in Small Tournaments.

By recalling his early days at his academy, He gained knowledge in cricket. it was so difficult to keep him quiet. His passion made him strong and literally pushed him to cricket and gain success.
His friends were impressed by his attitude to the cricket she showed. His friends called up him to play for Bet Matches. His attitude and dedication made him strong and He just wouldn’t leave. He was ready to bat and played in Bet Matches. Apart from the sports, Satish was good at academics.

While Satish was playing to reach his achievements and goals. By playing in tough times made him more confident and strong and continued his career in the presence of his father Sarvesh Yadav who is the biggest support and made him push towards his achievements and dreams.

At the conclusion of the Matches he played, In a limit of days, the year came as a stepping stone in Satish’s career. Coach Dilip Kumar was impressed with Satish and showed strong technical, academic skills against both the spin and bowl.

And motivated him with different skills this made him change a bit and depended totally on cricket from that day. and he chased his father’s dream which was his dream too and moved ahead forward.
Satish was fortunate enough to soon get a chance for his first tour and picked up his first appearance to play in Leagues and Satish went on the 1day, 2day League Match and showed tremendous sportsmanship in the final match of the series 3day League Match earned and achieved the honor of many people hearts through his power and determination.

Through his performances, he increased his self-reliance and suffered a downturn to reach his passion. Satish boosted up his strength and moved forward professionally.
His presence made him move Goa to play under 14 and 19Z National T-20 Cricket Championship by bringing up the mark with the winning runs. Satish Found success in the Championship.

At the conclusion of the Cricket Championship, Dilip was excited about his performance and marked him as an outstanding performer. Some of the shots he played spoke about his ability. Satish was much praised for his performances during the matches, particularly by Coach Dilip.

Net Bowler for Punjab King’s :

For his struggle and Strength, he achieved an outlandish experience in cricket and called upon Punjab King’s for net Bowling Trails and grandly Selected as Net Bowler in the Year 2020 November. He chased his father’s Dreams and achieved much success in a period of time. Satish Yadav has been constantly waiting for IPL going into held in Dubai in the Month of September. He is ready to show his strength and Confidence in the game.

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