Pinky Bhatia Delhi-Based famous Makeup Artists Who Create The Most Glamorous Looks For Brides

Every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way. However, make-up has become a way for a woman to look and feel beautiful while showcasing her confidence in a different manner. But it can’t be done alone to beautify the actual pretty nature of women.

A little help from a celebrity make-up artist like Pinkky Bhatia can create wonders.
A talented make-up artist not only transforms a woman into a symbol of how every beautiful woman should look like but altogether makes a woman feel gorgeous. A make-up artist blends her flaws to perfection while blending it to their beauty making her fall in love with herself all over again. Their hard work never goes unnoticed especially in the fashion industry where they are applauded for their magical work.

Pinkky Bhatia is one of the biggest names in the make-up industry in Delhi for more than 6 years. For a bride, there are so many options to spoil her and make her D-day memorable. Hence, making a choice for one of the most famous bridal make-up artists, Pinkky Bhatia, is almost a necessity for brides.

Pinkky Bhatia is a make-up specialist who knows the intricate secrets of make-up and creates magic with her work. She makes everyone spellbound with her extraordinary talent and magical fingers that highlights the inner beauty of a woman. She is praised in India and around the globe for her style that is combined with elegance.

She is always dedicated to the complete picture -while keeping the most significant cosmetics, hairstyle, and accessories in mind. She believes that every element should be synergistic to weave an eccentric portrait of total beauty with great style.
Her passion and love for flawless makeup no doubt makes her stand out exceptionally and unmatched in the industry. With her charismatic personality, she gives an insight into the hidden beauty and highlights it in her work.

Pinkky bhatia steered uphill, carving out the career of a magnificent makeover expert and stylist in 2015. Pinkky Bhatia has managed to bring her own style statement to make-up industry giving it a whole new meaning. With her innovative, creative and eccentric ideas in the make-up industry, she has gained the attention of lots of cosmetic and skin care brands. Her gaga and knack for make-up and creativity have always kept her talent in the limelight shedding all the attention, cameras and lights upon her from every sphere.

As a sign of a successful career, she has also been associated with numerous brands around the globe. Some of them are Forever52, recode, olens, pac cosmetics, oceglow etc. These are just the top glimpses of the career of make-up queen everywhere.

The grace, subtly, sophistication in her styles helps in enhancing and bringing about the best in every face. She makes every woman in the country look no less than a princess especially on her wedding day as per the skin tone, facial features, and skin preference. She has mastered in Bridal make-up and hairstyles.

Pinkky Bhatia, with her talent, has managed to score in the list of Top bridal makeup artists in India. She is one of the most trusted name in the industry who can use her magical wand to transform any gal into princess.

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