Poet & Writer Mujahid Ali Khan, Synonymous with Elegance and Heartfelt Wishes, is Busy with Two Big Projects to Reach Followers

Happiness, sorrow or finer shades of emotions, all translate effortlessly into Urdu poet Mujahid Ali Khan’s writing. This is why his verses, couplets, ‘Ghazals’ and ‘Shers’ never fail to touch a deep chord in the reader’s mind. It is no wonder his work (he uploads daily creations on his website) is loved by so many. Over time, fans and critics have come to recognize Mujahid as a strong imaginative poet with a flair for materializing feelings into words.

My passion for poetry doesn’t seem to end. I am excited to announce that currently that I am currently working on two big projects. My app will soon be released where poetry can be accessible to millions of readers. And in the meantime, I am writing my memoir which will soon be published”, says Mujahid Ali Khan.

While performing at the FilmFare ME4 Cancer in Dubai, Mujahid was showered by praises from the audience and the Bollywood celebrities who attended the event. But his success was marked much before when he won the Infosys Got Talent Bangalore competition many years prior. As Mujahid’s poetry caught the eyes of the big guys, his song ‘maayi’, released on Mother’s Day and sung by renowned singer Imran Sehar, also became famous. Mujahid s primarily known for his charismatic writings & poetry over the social media platforms & websites.  Also, performed in various events.

Being a good thinker has contributed to him always thinking poetically. Hence, whenever he speaks now, his words are often lyrical and rhythmic. While there are millions of writers and poets out there, Mujahid has a distinct style of writing”, says a spokesperson for Mujahid Ali Khan.

Mujahid says his love for poetry began at a young age. He vividly remembers leafing through his mother’s written collection of poems and ghazal. Those pages inspired him to write poems of his own. Little did he know at the time how that thought would change his life. He remarks that he could never tire of writing poems as he feels the passion to write growing every day.

His posts on Facebook and Instagram have been shared multiple times as fans attest to being motivated and inspired by them. His follows grow by the day as poetry-lovers discover Mujahid’s flair for writing poetry. Mujahid remains eternally grateful to his mother, without whose prayers, he would have never made it so far.  

Mujahid’s poems are like broken ceilings and his words like the plaster that falls into the reader’s heart and mind. He grittily etches mini poetic epics dedicated to the people who have passed through his life”, says a spokesperson for the acclaimed poet Mujahid Ali Khan.

Born on the 4th of January in the heart of Delhi, India, Mujahid would grow to become a much-admired Urdu Poet. He graduated from Delhi University India with a master’s degree. Mujahid spends a good amount of his day writing, but occasionally delves into his work at night too. To him, poetry is something he cannot live without. Thus, he does not have any fixed hours for writing.  

“For me, writing is like worshipping. I love it when people tell me how much they can relate to my poem or how much it has meant to them. I connect with people through words”, says Mujahid.

Mujahid Ali Khan is a very sensitive poet who uses immense feelings and emotions in his poetry. He is on a mission to touch people’s hearts through his beautiful renditions of poems. 

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