Popular Yet Humble, SerpentAU Is A Promising Young Gamer!

Fortnite has been the biggest sensation in the game world since its release in 2017. Teenagers, actors, and athletes alike are obsessively playing, watching, and talking about it as of today.

Many people were influenced as a result of the hype, and they began recording themselves playing, attracting a massive number of views and rising large audiences in only a few months. Channels devoted solely or mostly to Fortnite can be found all over YouTube and Twitch.

Starting at the age of 15 and having up to 650,000 subscribers in a relatively short time, SerpentAU has been a remarkable Fortnite player in his field. His video labelled ‘Legends’ on youtube flew over to about 10.5 million views, which is a huge achievement for a 17-year-old.

What Makes SerpentAU Unique?

Many people have risen to fame in the gaming industry with their skills and dedication. Doubtlessly, there are many people out there dedicated to this single genre and specifically Fortnite.

However, what makes SerpentAU a unique gamer is his humbleness and empathy. He has consistently tried to bring recognition to the small-scale players who deserve it, and he has made sure it keeps happening.

It has always been his plan and ambition to help out smaller content creators. After SerpentAU had a sharp incline in his subscribers, he wanted to return to his community. That is when he decided to introduce and manage small-scale channels. This resulted in them getting hundreds of thousands of subscribers. We spoke with SerpentAU and this is what he had to say;

“I want to use my platform, knowledge and experiences to help small creators get the recognition they deserve. I want to give back to the community that supported me and gave me the platform I have today.”

“There is so much unseen talent and potential on YouTube and it really makes me sad because all these creators put in so much hard work but get no views just because they don’t know the algorithm. I’m not looking for anything in return, I just don’t like seeing talent and hard work go to waste.”

We were truly surprised by his response, but when we searched for the channels he was managing, we were even more shocked. Together, they amassed over a million subscribers, one even surpassing SerpentAU himself.

The principal factor of helping someone out is that it should always be unconditional, and this is what SerpentAU has always believed in. With his influence and platform, he has strived to bring light to small-scale content creators without the expectation of any reward in return.

Final Word

It is no doubt that promising content creators should always be given a platform to put out their content on. SerpentAU has displayed extraordinary skill in the field of Fortnite, catching up with viewers and subscribers in the nick of time.

In this era of online recognition, it is essential to keep a hold of human virtues too. Empathy and kindness are mostly pretended, which makes it all the more necessary to recognize the hard-working and dedicated content creators.

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