Positive B White: The Journey of Igniting Zeal in Others an Intriguing Combo of Digital Marketing and Motivational Speaking!

You might have heard the term Value-Driven Economy, haven’t you? Well, surviving in the sheer competition and utter capitalism, almost everywhere in the world, is not so simple nowadays. One needs to be vigilant and known just in the right circles to prosper in whatever field he is striving in. Especially if you are running a business venture of any sort, getting a word out about your services and being in the limelight can make a real difference. To do so, you will prefer to hire the Right Man for the Right Job.

Ladies and gentlemen, Brandon White, often regarded as Positive B White by the fans, is one such entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivational speaker, and marketing expert, who is known as a connoisseur even among his peers in all the mentioned fields. 

Well, hearing about digital marketing, you might be thinking about the same old jazz that constitutes trivial marketing gimmicks that have almost become a cliché in today’s market. Brandon, however, is known in the industry for working with his clients on an entirely customized level. His marketing agency come motivational platform, Positive Passionate Motivated Advertising LLC, is focused on making your business the buzz of the web. Based on the value-driven system, Brandon is well aware of the value of his clients’ money. Hence, he makes sure that each one of your spent penny counts. He firstly analyzes your business in detail, crunches the numbers and all the related technicalities, and then shows up with a tailor-made digital marketing strategy for your brand to make it a sensation in the online community.  

Do you know how the human mind works? It tends to focus more on stories than mere products. It is the reason that Brandon always tries to bring forward the stories behind the products and lets the masses know the inspiration behind them. Not only mere products but many renowned celebrities have also availed themselves of his services when it comes to improving their online PR. 

He is also known for collaborating with many clients and training them in the long run, making them somewhat self-sufficient in boosting their PR and instilling in them the confidence taking them literally miles ahead of their peers and rivals. 

Well, like all the big names, Brandon, too has, what we call, humble beginnings. Right from his early childhood, he used to be quite active and energetic, especially in sports activities. At the tender age of 10, he, along with his team, went on to be the Junior 4 by 1 Olympic Champions. It was back in 1996. Later, he also ventured into basketball with the same zeal and enthusiasm and became the Best Offensive Player by 15. 

Brandon graduated from the University of West Georgia with majors in Business Administration. He then proceeded with his higher studies by studying Aviation Management at Clayton State University. 

He kicked off his career by doing some PR work for the very well reputed Atlanta Falcons in its Public Relations Department. It provided him with a Golden Opportunity of working closely with players and getting to know their insights. His unique approach of letting the inner stories shine was also quite appreciated there. Finally, he decided to step this game up a notch by launching his firm under the name of Positive Passionate Motivated Advertising LLC in 2014. 

The firm stands on the strong foundations of motivating and encouraging companies and individuals to stay positive and pursue their passion. The thing to be highlighted here is that he didn’t take any loans or grants from the government or any bank. Instead, he chose to work hard and burn some midnight oil and invest his very own money in the foundations of his firm. It is the reason that he was able to concentrate on his ambition and aim after he has developed and established his company. Being free from the burden of loans is sort of a blessing in times like today, and Brandon, through his sheer determination, proved to all the millennials out there that it is still possible. 

His organization now houses a bench of seasoned experts who motivate people to pursue their passions instead of running after money. You will ultimately be able to make some fat stacks if you are chasing your dreams rather than being a typical corporate slave and being left with pennies after your retirement. Thinking for the long run is an art in itself, and it will be not wrong to regard Brandon as the Picasso of this art. He wants to leave a legacy behind him that will inspire the young and old never to be afraid of the circumstances and dream BIG! You ought not to be afraid of chasing your dreams no matter how much the wind is blowing against you, for it will eventually help you fly higher. So far, thousands, if not millions, have been inspired by this success story and work of young Brandon, and he is still not looking back any time soon. Instead, he plans to expand his circle of influence and be more approachable to the common masses. Godspeed to you, young man!

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