Prarbdha Batwal: One of the Successful Emerging Influencer of Instagram

Prarbdha batwal known as Mirror Boy.

Prarbdha batwal is famous name in India his nick name is “Mirror Boy”. Half of the younger generation know him by his nick name. At present his fans are from India as well as from other countries also. In early phase of his life he faced many problems but after january 2019 he did not look back. At present he is working very hard and diligently.

This year on April 24th he completed 17 years of his life & started a shoot of his first web series which name “Who Was She”. At the age of 17 he prove himself in the field of acting and doing very well as like perfectionist.

Prarbdha Batwal is one of the most popular social media influencer. He has been completed over 555K followers on Instagram (as of May 7, 2021). Prarbdha joined Instagram on July 9, 2017.
His reels on insta reaches millions views and like every day. He got such a huge identity through mirror.

In his family with his parents he have one younger sister Kanishka Batwal , he belong to very small city of Madhya pradesh Mandsaur. He was started his journey in this field alone and in very tough circumstances but in the year 2019 he meet a person who is like a elder brother, Satyam Kulshreshtha, Who manage his all trainings and session.

His videos are very well expresses the feeling of pain and love. The emotions and tears shown in his performance are very real, Hence he is one of the favorite influencers of today’s youth internationally.
Recently many media reports says that which influencer will be compete with him but after seeing the graph of his popularity, currently media says no one can compete with him.

It is said in many media reports that which influencer will be compete with her, but currently looking at his acting, it can be said that no influencer can compete with him in front of his acting.

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