Prashant Verma PVHKR: An Ethical Hacking Expert Makes Valuable Contributions

The present world scenario calls for advancement from the digital world, due to which people have been relying on the online media a bit too much.

We all must recall the security issue regarding zoom meetings that we faced last year as soon as the pandemic began, that was the first time people on large came to know about the various threats that lie ahead of them if they continue to make use of the digital media. In fact, previous year we saw an abrupt rise in the number of cyber crimes, which proved to be extremely threatening and frightening in nature, instilling a constant panic among the common masses.

At some point, even Chrome came honest about their policies and programming languages, stating that they do make use of the data they collect from their users. This indeed makes it easier for hackers to break into the system, Morzilla Firefox more reliable. However, this is not just an issue with your browser, companies at large and professionals in particular have been extremely concerned about the cyber crimes and threats faced by it.

This is the reason why professional ethical hackers have been coming up with their particular strategies to tackle this issue efficiently.

Mention must be made of Prashant Verma, an individual from meerut, Uttar Pradesh. He says, “I have always wanted to do something for my country, and no matter what kind of career option was provided, I always made sure to put my country first. Opportunities were available at large obviously, but I opted for cyber security because I knew that this is something we need at the moment. Not everyone is invested in this path, and hence I was must try my best.”

After starting out with his BTECH from MIET, Meerut, he started to make a lot of advancements towards the field of ethical hacking. However, he only got interested in the field when he was in 11th standard, and now he has certainly come a very long way. Appearing on TV shows and working for notable TV channels like colours and Zee, he isn’t even a stranger to winning several dance competitions.

Prashant Verma is a very innovative personality, he has never lacked and maintained a common balance between his academic life and his personal life.He was once very invested in dancing too, despite having a red belt in karate.

“Because the ethical hackers are completely capable of understanding how an individual can breach a system, they are capable of helping out their client based on their strategies. Their main aim is always finding out how we can gain access by finding out the vulnerabilities in a website, app, or system. Similarly, the ethical hackers can too fix these. After all, prevention is always better than cure.” Says Prashant Verma.

Giving his all into providing for his country, Prashant Verma has come a very long way, yet he has a lot more to achieve in the future. Being a cyber security expert might be complicated, but Prashant through is certainly a very hard working individual who is determined to prevent data breach and cyber crime. With a book on the way, we can certainly promise that you will be needing every update you can from him.

Personal Instagram : @prashant.vermaa

Professional Instagram : @pv_hkr

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