Priyanshu Chouhan Shares Social Media Trends That Can Give a Ray of Hope for Marketing in 2021

What the world is facing right was unimaginable a few months ago, but it changed into something that nobody could’ve thought. In such gruesome times, many industries all over the world came to a standstill as coronavirus spread rapidly across many countries in the world.

One such industry that is fighting each day to stay strong in the online market is social media influencing, digital marketing & IT. The social media industry has always seen an upward trend all these years & for it to continue seeing the same, we caught hold of an already established social media influencer, producer & digital marketer from Rajasthan, India, Priyanshu Chouhan to let us know a few vital points to follow for making the industry a hit even this year.

The young social media entrepreneur lays out a few critical trends in the industry that can make 2021 a lot more better in many ways.

Go all out for creating video content.

The owner of an IT company called “Piyanusquad,” Chouhan says that nowadays, celebs who wish to engage more with their fans & followers actively put their daily videos or go LIVE for them on their social media handles. This is an amazing way that will soon overpower even the trend of only putting pictures. The more celebs/brands engage with people with their activities during a pandemic, the more they make you feel their own & this helps in increasing more followers.

Audience segmentation is important.

Targeting all the audiences with one common message or content is not the answer in improving the brand awareness of your client, warns Chouhan. For this, you need to smartly segment the audience & target them separately with messages or content that might reach them more positively. This helps in getting more specific with a particular target audience & increase traction online in a better way.

Make an interaction more private.

When celebs, brands & companies reply privately to a fan or a follower on social media, the impact of the same gives both the client & the follower a different high & helps in instilling trust on each other. The potential is massive when you connect privately with your followers, believes Chouhan. An example could be the Instagram Live of some celebs who can be seen getting more active on the platform where they reply to almost everyone while they are in a lockdown.

Create connections.

Chouhan believes that social media influencers must create marketing strategies that can create a bond between their clients & their audiences. Make brand messages relevant; for example, during this pandemic, let your clients share their real-life stories about anything & also share their daily activities or work they intend to do, to let their followers know that all of us are in this together as one & taking steps like social distancing, etc. to fight against the virus collectively.

Having worked with various directors & producers of B-Town, Chouhan aspires to do more work for the marketing & promotional activities of different films & also inspire more & more young entrepreneurs to not lose hope & come out even stronger from the crucial times of the world, prove their mettle & to motivate them with their skills to excel at their work.

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