Professional Basketball Player Tim Barnes & TB2 Sports Launch Their Debut Shoe

Tim Barnes
In the last few years, we have seen many sports personalities and celebrities make their foray into the fashion line. Besides playing the sport, the emerging athletes have even established their brands that have helped in scaling their brand value.
One of the well-known basketball players, Tim Barnes, is making waves with his extraordinary game and recently launched his brand TB2 Sports. The brand made its collaboration with Stria Sport to create one-of-a-kind signature shoe, the 107 Series “Tim Barnes PE”. The shoes were officially launched on May 7, and have been a hit amongst the basketball world since they were made available for sale.
The professional basketball player Tim Barnes, who originally goes by his full name Timothy Jacob Barnes, is extremely overwhelmed with the response the brand has got so far. Retailed at $120, the shoes have a unique design and are built to be better for performance, running and advanced movement than the average basketball shoe.
Tim’s brand TB2 Sports has now officially kicked off with the launch of the shoes, and the brand aims to launch various other footwear and sports apparel later this year. With its classy TB logo, Tim Barnes has undeniably created an identity with his newly ventured brand.
It has not even been a month’s time, and collaboration between Stria & Tim’s brand has created a shoe that has sold like hot pancakes. While speaking about it, the professional basketball player said, “I am super excited with the kind of response people have shown to my brand. In less than three weeks, we have completely sold our inventory. The response I have gotten so far has inspired me to keep going as well as launch various other products under my label.”
As of now, the shoes were such a massive success that Tim Barnes and his team are planning for a re-launch of the shoes that will be happening later this year. “The second release of the shoes will be announced shortly, and hopefully they get the same reception that the first wave did”, he revealed.
Before briefly playing for Beloit College in Beloit, Wisconsin, Barnes became an alumnus of Southland College Prep Charter High School in Richton Park, IL. While there, he became the first student to earn an athletic and academic scholarship, while holding many of the school’s basketball records.
Looking at his unprecedented success, the basketball player also partnered with the school & launched the ‘Tim Barnes Scholarship’ in 2020. The main aim of this scholarship is to inspire and allow budding athletes to showcase their skills in and out of the classroom.
If this was not enough, in 2020 Barnes became eligible for the NBA draft but decided against entering. Barnes has various other collaborations for brands such McDavid USA, The Hooplife Brand, Xtep and Powerhandz. But, with a budding brand of his own, his focused has shifted to success for his own company as his priority.

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