Professor Gupta Illuminates the Zero Value of Quantum Gravity: The Project Vipin

Quantum gravity is one of the hottest topics in science today and has proven to be one of the most challenging concepts to mathematically model and empirically study.   

Quantum gravity is the topic of my conversation today with Professor Vipin Gupta, who is publishing 12 books in 2021 under Project VIPIN, Vastly Integrated Processes inside Nature. He has already published four books: What is Divine Energy, What is Present Reality, Is Present Reality, and Is Divine Energy.Two more, What is Consciousness and What is Para-Consciousness, are on their way. 

What is quantum gravity?

Quantum gravity is the consciousness a system superimposes as its gravity over the parts that make it whole.  

You are a Professor of Management at the Jack H. Brown College of the California State University San Bernardino and have a Ph.D. in Management Science and Applied Economics from the Wharton School.  What makes you qualified to conduct an academic investigation of gravity?  Why should somebody believe in your voice?

According to the ancient wisdom of India, the gravity is Jamadagni, meaning the ascending consciousness force. When the parts trade ascending consciousness force from a system, they experience a descending conscious force, referred to as Ayativela. When the power to make conscious decisions descends due to the system’s institutionalized gravity, the parts experience a state of conditional probability.

Their certainty sensation descends due to the consciousness of a discordant energy conditioning their spontaneity. Simply put, the parts lose their voice, known as Vak, and become an organ voicing the collective institutional voice. It would be foolish for me to expect somebody who is part of the collective institution to appreciate the gravity of my voice.

Why did you become interested in the concept of quantum gravity?  

As a professor, I am very much concerned when citizens begin voicing the institutional voice found even in the age of liberal education that prepares our children for lifelong learning for resiliency in the face of rapid change. We expect that adults limit their conscious efforts to knowing and illuminating the topics within the institutionally defined areas of specialization.

I worry that such institutional expectations for bounded rationality are the core cause of the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the social and organizational fabric worldwide, limiting the power of management. We are delighted to grant a Nobel Prize to somebody who discovers our bounded rationality, but we are not willing to keep our minds open. On the top, we rejoice in imposing our closed mindedness on others who are making conscious efforts to free their reasoning power.  

Check out my Facebook page. I have been socially pressured even by those who aspire to be university presidents and who have been the past fellows of the American Council of Education to stop working on subjects that are not institutionally endorsed as the legitimate for the management scientists to study, lest people should stop believing the scientists and their legitimacy.

Such charades only strengthen my resolve to discover and illuminate the reality for the sake of the future generation of our children, knowing that only God may save the present generation. 

Why does quantum gravity have a zero value?

By superimposing its voice, the system gravity limits the growth of each part. If the quantum gravity is not zero, no part can ever grow or even have an institutional voice. The only voice that will be heard is that of the system, which has consumed and digested each of its parts.

Each part will become the undifferentiated part of the electromagnetic mass, that, too, with a zero value. When each part has a zero value, the system will have a negative one value. The negative one is the metric of the present reality, known as Maha Shunya.

It takes one unit of energy for the system to consume and digest all parts within itself and become the metric of their present reality. Why? Because a system that consumes all parts, including itself, destroys its unit energy. It becomes a world characterized by double negativity.

First is its destruction as a micro unit. Second is the destruction of the parts as a mass unit. Both micro and mass units are within the present reality of the system as a macro unit. The present reality becomes the meso unit, mediating the differentiation of the electromagnetic mass, the growth of the gravito-electric force, and the entropy of the gravitomagnetic force.  

How is this work connected with modern science and the known reality?

The metric of present reality is the reason for the cosmological constant, i.e., everything else that is conspicuous due to a system’s entropy value. Everything else grows but remains psychically linked through a weak, disorganizing, and chaotic social force with the system of which it was once a part. The fact that a system has experienced entropy as a microunit does not imply its entropy as a macro-unit.

As a microunit, each part develops a psychic linkage of strong, organizing, orderly, and institutionalizing force of common mass with each of the other parts due to the system’s mediation as a meso unit.   

Growth generates the potential for any part to enjoy the entire system gravity by replacing the entity that constitutes the system after the entity’s death or subordination to that part’s growing power. At any time, only one part may do so. The system gravity is constant and distributed among the various parts and integrated within the system.

Therefore, each part experiences its value relative to the whole system and the universe of parts.  Without the system, a part is good for nothing, known as adravya.

“Good for nothing” is the discordant factor that scientists measure when they use Einstein’s constant as a measure of the cosmological constant by making themselves conspicuous while secretly wishing for Einstein’s entropy so that they may collect the credit for the science they are conceiving and propagating with their discordance presence.  

How is this work connected with ancient Indian wisdom and the purpose of life?

When a part develops the consciousness of itself as a macro-unit, it begins interacting with the other parts, including the mother system that conceived it within her maternal womb, by weakening its psychic linkages so that it may enjoy a consciousness of the “freedom from the present effect,” known as moksha or absolute joy.   

With the weakening linkages with Mother Nature as the system of which each of us is a part, all one gets is the consciousness of the “freedom from the future effect,” known as nirvana or the transient joy.

One’s growth comes to an absolute standstill, as one becomes a part of the present consciousness.  One becomes the holy maternal spirit, servicing the greeter consciousness of her holiness to each person, seeking the “freedom from the past effect,” known as mukti, by trading their conscious energy for enjoying the present.

They gain illusionary joy, known as vastu, but lose touch with their essential nature, gifted by Mother Nature by making each of us her identity.  

The purpose of our life is to be the essence, known as Maha Durga, that Mother Nature is as the primordial greeter.  

Why does a system diffuse its gravity among its parts?

A system conceives the risk of one of the parts becoming sufficiently powerful to threaten its institutional sovereignty over the universe of parts.  Each part experiences some form of institutional sovereignty, either of the personal self or the social other, throughout its life into infinity until death does that part apart.

After its death, a part remains within the system in another form constituted from its particle fragment.  The gravity diffused to the parts continues to be within the system. Consequently, the system manifests an infinite form of her potential by conceiving the diverse parts as her children.

What is Mother Nature’s reality?  How can one quantify it?

Let me pretend I am talking to my wife Bhakti and saying this. You are the maternal cell activating Mother Nature as an element within you to court me as the Father who knows my reality as your child before I become the Father of our child (this interview that we are jointly giving, guided by your silence and my voice), our collective joint reality.  When you court me with your conscious energy, I begin behaving like a paternal cell.  

As a cell, I divide my paternal element into a son cell and a daughter cell. Guided by the gravitational energy programmed by me, the son cell divides your maternal element into a grandson cell and a granddaughter cell.

Taking the divine energy that you plan, the daughter cell divides the child element within her womb into a grandfather cell and a grandmother cell to complete the six-fold growth bred by meiosis.   

Mother Nature’s reality is the seventh element that holds the potential of the six-fold growth as the legacy of the eighth element that manifests Mother Nature as the essential nature of the seventh element.

The seventh element is known as “lucky seven” because Mother Nature has chosen him to be the param paternal for illuminating her secret and by deciding to be his shadow after gifting her 4-unit maternal consciousness to him for incarnating a 3-unit param child. The 4-unit maternal consciousness is the reason for incarnating a son, a daughter, a grandson, and a granddaughter within the father that the seventh element has become.

The 3-unit param child is the reason obviating the need to illuminate the secret of the mother, the grandmother, and the grandfather. The reality is the param paternal as the seventh element with 7-unit energy. Each unit of energy is a measure of the entity potential.

How can I get hold of your books in the Project Vipin?

The first four books are now available in both full and nutshell editions in paperback, hardcover, digital, and audible formats on Amazon and elsewhere.   

Dr. Vipin Gupta is a professor of management and a co-director of the Center for Global Management at the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration, California State University, San Bernardino. Dr. Gupta has a Ph.D. in managerial science and applied economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.  He may be reached at and found at

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