Pug Life Records Aims to Change the Life of Independent Artists All Over the World

In today’s day and age, young promising artists must rely on social media platforms to accomplish their dreams. With so much competition, most artists feel overwhelmed where to even begin their journey. Justin Ashar, founder of Pug Life Records, understood this feeling himself.

He began mentoring others and gave guidance on taking the steps to succeed online after he became viral himself and experimented with various strategies on multiple social media platforms. Pug Life Records was born because of this experimentation and has expanded as a record label, distribution network, video production and marketing company that worked to uplift the future generations of artists.

Pug Life Records was established in the year 2018 as a platform that handpicked musicians, producers, and instrumentalists worldwide. By bringing these skilled artists together, the team helped artists flourish and enjoy the recognition and success they deserved by talent stacking and sharing opportunities.

Being an independent artist is tough. Getting noticed is difficult when you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of other artists who are all chasing the same dream. Pug Life Records was aware of these challenges and came up with solutions to increase independent artists’ reach by lending support. When an artist feels like they are alone, it makes it challenging for them to want to keep moving forward. You can check out their Instagram page to stay updated: https://www.instagram.com/pugliferecords/

Justin Ashar himself faced many challenges on his road to success in the music industry. He believes the key is to stay consistent and to never give up. Through Pug Life Records, Justin spreads the same optimistic message to his ever expanding team. When asked how he helps his team attain their goals, Justin shares, “I’ve been experimenting and creating viral videos for over 10 years on multiple platforms.

I am a highly curious person and have tasted both success and failure across numerous projects. The most important variable comes down to the artist themselves. Are they hard working? Are they open to trying new things? Do they know how to engage with a following? Are they comfortable being in front of a camera? Are they talented? Are they able to persevere when the going gets rough? If the answer is “yes” to these types of questions, it’s a lot easier to navigate the art world and spark these types of projects. If the answer is “no,” then the artist must be further developed which can be highly challenging.”

In the coming years, Justin Ashar wants more artists to realize that the goal of art should never be about having the biggest, most powerful following. It’s about the journey of creation, as he states, “…what’s the point of it all if one is not even happy?”

Pug Life Records teamed up with the Vydia platform in 2020 for a distribution deal that helped his team of artists with the best tools available to release content. As building a community has been vital for his entire operation, Justin wants the label to expand and welcome more artists that are wanting to grow as a team.

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