Pure Skies Uses His Musical Upbringing To Excel In The Music Industry

Nowadays, many artists take their shot at becoming a famous singer.

Pure Skies

Nowadays, many artists take their shot at becoming a famous singer. Many who try end up failing due to not having the musical background or love for the craft to push through its challenges. Pure Skies is an exception due to his musical upbringing, which he now uses as an advantage, and can be thanked for his success.

Growing up, Pure Skies, AKA Jules Lozada, began singing when he was just seven years old. Once the young prodigy turned 10, his parents saw his potential and began getting him involved in piano as well as guitar. Eventually, the young singer grew out of music and quit. He later came back to the craft when he began his official music journey as “Pure Skies.”

Once he began releasing music in 2019, with his song “Better Days,” it was apparent to fans that Pure Skies was no rookie. This helped him gain traction early on as many friends around him saw his natural potential. What made Pure Skies stand out amongst the pack was his songwriting ability, along with his use of melodies.

Since Pure Skies was exposed to so many different music genres, his songs are more complex than most. In “Better Days,” his chorus is filled with many different harmonies intertwined with octaves and background vocals. This mix creates an atmosphere that builds as the song progresses, giving it an interesting dynamic.

From a 7-year-old singer to the rising star called “Pure Skies,” Jules Lozada has his musical background to thank for his success. This has given him an advantage over most artists and will be his foundation as he continues to become a bigger name.

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