Putting his Heart and Soul to Acting: Sachin Vashist

The fate of a raindrop is decided by the place where it falls, similarly the destiny eventually lead Sachin Vashist towards acting from modelling via theatres. A career that walked into modelling ultimately skyrocketed to the top bars of theatre acting, Sachin Vashist‘s journey has been one of a kind. First of all, in order to fulfill his dream he entered into the world of modelling.

Then, after making a big name in modelling, he realized to polish his acting skills to make a mighty impression. Therefore, he joined Bela theatres where he got to learn what the real acting is. No doubt, he did more than fifty stage shows in Delhi as well as at other places.

Some of his famous theatre plays are Jean Paul Sartre’s Men Without Shadows, Moliere’s Kanjoos, The Imaginary Invalid and Bichhoo and Manto’s Toba Tek Singh among others. A constant performer at National Theatre Festivals, he has numerous plays under his belt with the Bela Theatre Group which are a sure evidence that how versatile Sachin is.

Under the guidance of his theatre Guru and mentor director Amar Shah, Sachin put his heart and soul to acting. While the actor is very happy with the love he got from his fans as an actor, yet he quotes in a candid conversation that being a school student he never thought of becoming an actor, rather it was his dream to become an engineer.

But the destiny had something else for him, and that was theatre. Talking about his experience, Sachin says that theatre helped him to discover his inner self and it allowed him to become a better version of himself. He learnt how to express himself more effectively. His works span from Television to Hindi Film Industry to more recently YouTube. His upcoming ventures are lined up for release this year.

Though his journey was never easy, from theatres to modelling, and now acting, he has always proved his capability through his every move. Sachin has got all that a superstar must have; good charming personality with an adorable smile, acting skills and above all a golden heart. Sachin Vashist is truly a self-made star for everyone to admire !

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