Rana Lincoln Das : Established Personality Besides Being an Actor and Model

Rana is doing so much for himself as an actor and model

Rana Lincoln Das learned a lot about life at a very young age. He had the passion and inspiration of a successful man and hence he was able to become such a well established person. Imagine suffering an injury at a young and still believing that life would come out as a good thing in the end. He used to play cricket at state level but his injury did not permit him to play cricket anymore. Rana then realized that now he has to focus on himself and his education, being well educated would surely make him a successful man, which it did.

Life was yet to give him the best things. One of the best things that happened was the return of his Grandfather to Goa. His Grandfather, Dr. David Lincoln, has a well-established company which deals with training in NLP, Psychotherapy and Coaching. Rana Lincoln is working there, besides perfecting other things. It was not a surprise that he rose to the positing of the managing director because it was indeed very well deserved.

The interesting fact is, this company that Rana works in, usually deals with lots of VIP clients, especially people from Bollywood and industry. It didn’t take much time for Rana Lincoln Das to blend along with them. During this time a Bollywood company gave him the opportunity to work in a movie. This marked the beginning of his acting and modelling career. Rana Lincoln Das is a very good looking man, and so it was very correct for him to become a model too, it came to him naturally. Today, he has a very wide reach and a lot of followers online, over all his social media accounts.

According to the lessons Rana has learned in life, hard work, faith in yourself and your abilities, not letting fear hold you back and taking time for yourself to help you rejuvenate.

Rana address his Grandfather and Father as his real life Hero’s and he follows two quotes from them

1. From his Grandfather – If you see a problem in other person then problem is always you, not the other person.

2. From his Father – Always speak and be positive, then only positive things will be happens.

Rana does not let little insignificant activities like scrolling through social media, get in the way of hard work, He does not let insecurity get in the way of belief in yourself, this belief is strong and unwavering, Rana does not let the what-ifs get in the way of making the choices that will either be pivotal in the positive experience they bring or the negative experience they bring (and the subsequent life lesson) and don’t let guilt stop you from enjoying time spent with yourself. You’ve only got one life, make it what you want it to be. He himself had this one life to make the best out of, which he does.


Written by Garry Logan

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