Ranked: The Top 3 Web3 PR and Content Agencies Right Now

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Representing a vision of the internet based on blockchain technology, Web3 has been the subject of endless op-eds, news stories and press releases over the past year. It’s no surprise: reimagining the internet is an ambitious move, and writing about an industry that evolves at warp speed is an all-consuming operation. Everyone, it seems, wants a piece of Web3, from gaming companies and design studios to venture capital firms and international brands.

As with any fast-moving sector, PR and content agencies are often employed to get the word out about an upcoming product, platform or event. In the case of Web3, that means spreading the message and building hype for emerging protocols such as play-to-earn video games, decentralized social networks, token launchpads, and NFT marketplaces. Needless to say, Web3-focused PR experts need to know the industry inside-out, the better to position projects in the best possible light. Here’s a snapshot of the best Web3 marketing agencies in the world today.

1. Rarestone Labs PR 

Birthed out of active Web3 VC Rarestone Capital, Rarestone Labs PR is the fund’s dedicated PR branch that has been in operation since the company’s inception in 2020. With over 150 clients under its belt, Rarestone Labs has quickly become one of the go-to PR agencies in the Web3 space. With a portfolio that includes leading Web3 firms like Wilder Worlds, Terra Virtua, Alien Worlds, Rainicorn, Krew Studios and others, Rarestone has been at the forefront of the Web3 movement in terms of getting the right message across. 

In a recent podcast, Jared Polites of Rarestone Labs stated, “We are not a traditional PR agency. We are a fund first and are comprised of active builders, writers, and investors. This gives us an edge when creating content that is ultimately targeted to people like us and the communities we are embedded with on a daily basis. After providing PR as a value-add to numerous portfolio companies, it was apparent that a no-retainer model was wanted by other Web3 projects.” 

2. Energent Media

Energent Media is a Washington-based branding agency founded by serial entrepreneur Jennifer Spencer in 2016. Initially geared towards tech startups, and now focusing almost exclusively on the Web3 space, the company offers results-driven PR services including blog content, article placement, and campaign management. Interestingly, Energent Media operates on a no-long-term contracts model, perhaps mindful of the liquidity challenges faced by emerging crypto startups.

In its capacity as the preferred PR partner of dozens of Web3 clients, Energent Media has placed content in a range of legacy and crypto publications including Forbes, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, CoinDesk and TechCrunch. 

3. Multiplied.io

Established in 2017, the year of the storied ICO boom, Multiplied describes itself as “a blockchain-native public relations agency designed to operate as an in-house partner.” Based in Austin, Texas, but employing a mostly remote team, the communications firm creates performance-driven growth campaigns for a diverse range of Web3 clients such as DAOs, NFT projects and gamefi platforms. 

At a glance, Multiplied has supported the likes of CipherTrace, Binance, Fantom, Aleph, Gods Unchained and Solana through work that includes brand strategy and product design. In 2019, the agency’s co-founders Nancy Li and Hector Espinoza were recognized for their work with a berth on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list.

Although we’ve focused on just three boutique PR firms here, there are plenty of talented PR strategists helping kickstart conversations centered on Web3. Chances are, you’ve already read columns, tweets or news articles crafted by them on behalf of the industry’s major movers and shakers. One thing’s for sure, the press coverage for Web3 startups won’t die down anytime soon.

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