Rapper Mari Baby Hopes To Be A Big Star, Will Release More Music This Year

Rapper Mari Baby, a 23-year-old music artist from New York City is full of dreams and hope. He wishes to be one of the best music artists, create great music and makes life better for himself. The year 2020 hasn’t been easy for anyone. A lot of people got laid off and he was also one of those. But the artist didn’t give up.

Having no job gave him enough time to focus on perfecting his skills. He has worked with several artists in the past few months. However, Rapper Mari Baby wants to keep it a secret for now. Soon, he will make an official announcement about the same.

Rapper Mari Baby is making music for the past 2 years. Now that he has enough time, he hopes to release more singles that will connect with young audience. In the past, the rapper work has received good recognition. News about his work was covered by several newspapers.

The artist’s inspiration has been Jay Z and 50 Cent. So he hopes to reach their level of stardom by giving quality music to fans. When asked about his top 3 favourites, Rapper Mari Baby answered, “Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, and Chauncey Phillips.”

The rapper plans to make 2021 musical for himself and his fans. He wants to make more music as he aspires to be a big star like his idols have been. Every day, he works hard to learn new skills and improve in the areas he already is good at.

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