Rashed Ali Almansoori Shares What Helped Him Succeed In the IT Space

No matter how much ever we speak about people doing extremely well in their chosen industries, it always feels much more discussions are needed to be held around them as their success stories go ahead in instilling in us more hope, positivity and inspiration.

This motivates others to take on their dreams and prove their mettle to the world. The youngsters who are considered the future of the world have radiated pure brilliance in all that they have chosen to take in their hands and have created something so astounding that they have imprinted their names among the best of the best in their industries.

The technological world consists of a colossal number of individuals, especially youngsters and one amongst them is Rashed Ali Almansoori from Abu Dhabi, who at only 29 years of age has gained unbelievable success as a digital creator, tech blogger, web developer and designer and also a writer at Al-Bayan newspaper.

Below, he shares what he believes has helped him succeed in the tech world.

Being committed: Rashed Ali Almansoori says that his commitment to the tech space has allowed him to face all the challenges on his path and stay on track no matter what, which has given him his desired success.
Being passionate: It was his passion for the IT space that not only encouraged him to study PLC IT but also do tremendously well as the tech innovator of Utag, a smart tech piece in times of Covid, helping people to communicate effectively and remotely.
Being innovative: As a tech blogger and social media expert who specializes in creating Snapchat and Instagram lenses, Rashed Ali Almansoori has shown his talent in writing and creating tech content that only hooks people’s attention more, making them crave for more tech stuff from him.

Rashed Ali Almansoori’s early success in the tech field has proved to people that when they work with genuine efforts and intentions to make a difference in people’s lives, everything becomes possible, just like it became for the youngster who has helped people in his community to become financially free and self-sufficient.

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