Redwxne is Building a Community of Texas Artists With Red Sound Music Group

Not so long ago, the Billboard-charting producer, REDWXNE, was merely a teenager with songs to work with, limited in his sense of reach and influence. Now, he is renowned for being at the helm of Red Sound Music Group.

REDWXNE comes from a very educated and supportive family. His mission as a producer is to build a place like the Red Sound Music Group where artists and creatives can stay inspired and continue developing. His drive comes from the passion for evolving flaws he has seen in the industry and community.

To build a robust platform and achieve its mission, REDWXNE started a unique system and resources in one place where people can negotiate for the group’s greater good. The producer shared, “I wanted to help my community and make sure I could stay inspired and keep my family safe in a strange and developing world.” With RED SOUND MUSIC GROUP’s technique, he hopes to create a platform that continuously evolves as a society with up-to-date technology. 

Based in Texas, Red Sound Music Group is a label designed to make rising Texas artists have local mainstream access to share their culture with the world. Unlike other labels that sign artists to agreements, taking freedom and rights, RSMG remains faithful to its calling of accessible resources. Thus, this position allows creatives to stay inspired to make more music.

Furthermore, with the knowledge REDWXNE has as the owner, RSMG uses a critical application that structures fair rights for artists. This effort has built systems based on the freedom that revolutionary high-level creatives or artists fought for, allowing their artists to own their rights with the creatives who create those compositions with them as well.

With all the development REDWXNE has for Red Sound Music Group, the company is boldly creating competition for other labels, artists, and producers. RSMG has world-class production facilities built on the latest designs of engineer Ruper Neve and his audio solutions. Its staff champions over significant success in urban music, servicing artists in recording, producing, mixing, and mastering platinum performing engineers.

As its team of professionals focuses on outcomes, everyone works toward life goals as a community instead of negotiating against each other. 

Red Sound Music Group’s success comes from REDWXNE’s vulnerability. He began his professional production career as a teenager with songs like Tabi Bonney’s single “Fever,” featuring Raheem Devaughn. Pursuing his love for music, REDWXNE studied entrepreneurship and music in Minnesota.

But despite his perseverance, he had struggles making enough clients present services that artists deserved. So he developed a sound based on mainstream radio in Los Angeles.

His talent led to the production of urban hits like Waka Flocka Flames’s “Candy Paint and Gold Teeth” f.t Ludacris and Texas legend BunB, and the sound of “Candy Paint and Gold Teeth” led by The Honorable Cee Note for Waka Flocka to begin a journey for urban compositions into mainstream radio.

In 2013, REDWXNE joined forces with frequent collaborators to craft the sound of the Top R&B Billboard song, Tinashe’s “2on.”

REDWXNE also shifted to the R&B genre, commanding a potent rhythmic radio format that could translate to the streets. He also supports the development of artists such as V Bozeman and releases and records powerful, successful radio singles with artists like Zendaya, Jeremih, Anderson Paak, G-Eazy, Mila J, Bella Thorne, Chris Brown, MKTO, Christina Milian, Snoop Dogg, Teyana Taylor, Tabi Bonney, Diggy Simmons, and French Montana. 

The producer is continuously developing a radio sound that is shaping the market and crafting his label. Learn more by visiting RED SOUND MUSIC GROUP’s website.

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