Remote Team Essentials: Online Tools to Ensure Things run Smoothly

A remote team needs the right tools to succeed. The reality is tools have a way of making everyone more effective, which is key here. Your remote team will need tools like the following:

Remote Desktop Software

One thing that would help workers is remote desktop software. This software will allow your team to connect more effectively. With this tool, people can use someone’s computer remotely if needed. If, for some reason, a team member doesn’t know how to do a task or needs guidance, another member can offer that guidance remotely. Sometimes, it’s easier to teach visually rather than having that team member read confusing instructions.

Screen Sharing Software

Another online tool that would be helpful is simple screen sharing software. This will give your team a chance to watch each other work. Depending on the project, it might be easier to look over the work as it’s getting done, and this tool gives you that opportunity. It also helps ensure mistakes are not made since people are checking other people’s work. This encourages productivity as well.

Email Management Tool

It’s important to find an effective email management tool. Everyone will be emailing each other, and you’re also going to be receiving emails from your clients and third parties. This means that managing your emails is going to get more complex. This is the reason why email management tools are important. Find one that works for everyone.

FTP Software

File transfer protocol software is important when you’re working remotely. Sometimes, the files you have to transfer are large. Large files are hard to share through email. Now, you can still figure this out; you can break up the file to share it, but no one wants to do all that. With file transfer protocol, sharing large files becomes a piece of cake. You will have to look through FTP software rankings to find the best one for your team.

Team Communication Software

Your workers should be able to communicate with each other at any time. This means everyone needs team communication software. This could allow everyone to chat or software that helps people connect through a video conference. Communicating with each other helps ensure that everyone’s on the same page while doing a project. It helps your team members feel like they are a part of one big unit because working remotely can get lonely, and that’s not good for your workers’ mental health or business.

Cloud Storage Software

The next thing your team needs is cloud storage software. The files your team works on should be on the cloud. This makes it easier to access projects at any given time from any computer or device. This type of software allows team members to make changes if needed, and it also adds restrictions if files can’t be altered but need to be reviewed by people on the team. Cloud storage makes remote working much easier for a team.

Project Management Software

Every remote team needs project management software. This software makes it easier for everyone to know what they have to do and what everyone else is doing. The software does planning and scheduling more effective. The person who creates the project will allocate resources effectively to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The software also helps document everything and makes quality control checks easier to perform since everyone’s work is monitored.

Time Tracking Software

Making sure that everyone uses their time wisely is vital for remote workers. This is why time tracking software is important, even if it may seem a little strange at first. When employees come to work, the employer can see how they use their time, but remote workers don’t have that kind of accountability. Time tracking software gives workers a chance to be accountable, and it ensures work is completed promptly.

These are some important online tools for remote workers. Working from home can be a big adjustment for people, but this is possible with the right tools.

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