Renowned Businessman and Politician Shrayam Bhargava Garnered Attention When he met Kiren Rijiju.

The level of awareness and attention that health as a subject has garnered in just one year; it did not do in so many years. Sometimes, one needs a pandemic to realize the importance that people need to give to health and fitness for staying away from any kind of illnesses and diseases. However, with many movements from the Government of India, one can also say that our government is equally concerned for maintaining our great health and wants people to take active participation in these campaigns to take India to the next level as a much fitter nation. Recently, we saw Shrayam Bhargava, a well-known politician in BJP from Uttar Pradesh meeting our respected Sports minister of India, Kiren Rijiju.

Shrayam Bhargava can be seen all smiles standing beside Kiren Rijiju. As per sources, it has been said that both of them worked out together in the gym, which in itself proves the commitment of our politicians in the Fit India Movement and how seriously they have taken it up to help influence many others in our country. Working out in the gym together, it is said that both Kiren Rijiju and Shrayam Bhargava discussed about the importance of the Fit India Movement and how our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has created this nation-wide campaign in India to encourage one and all to remain healthy and fit and choose their favourite physical activities, sports and exercises that can help them take a step further in creating a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Shrayam Bhargava has also made it his aim to take Fit India Movement forward and reach many more people in the near future for making India fitter than ever.

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