Rhett Lindsey is Focused to Combat Bias in the Hiring Game.

Rhett Lindsey is a man on a mission to eliminate bias that one faces in any workplace. He wants to transform the way employers connect with job seekers.

Rhett Lindsey is the founder and CEO of Siimee, which is a type of organization that works to reforms the hiring process in U.S. corporations. Siimee focuses on eradicating bias. Its founder, Rhett Lindsey has worked hard day and night for more than seven years in the corporate world, with jobs in companies such as Facebook, Tinder and even Walt Disney and Microsoft.

Through these years of effort while leading teams and collaborating with others, Rhett Lindsey has observed just one thing

They were all sourcing and hiring talented people in the technology and software development sectors, however, only a very few were people of colour or had sexual or gender identities which didn’t match the norm- the norm being white and heterosexual.

There was definitely a breaking point for Rhett and that came in the December of 2020. Armed with his degree in social work and almost a decade of workplace racism to fuel him and his cause, Lindsey launched Siimee.

On being asked about the brand value and brand voice which is Siimee, Rhett Lindsey replied that his brand value is all about equality, compassion, community, integrity and community and his brand voice is about being progressive vs. disruptive, meaningful vs. impactful, and adaptive vs. pivoting. All these are definitely things we need to not only hear but see being acted upon in 2021.

Rhett Lindsey is a very kind, thoughtful, creative and intelligent man. His experience in recruiting has been featured nationally by media outlets like The Washington Post, CNBC and CBS News. He is winning the hearts of many people by the work he has done. Rhett is breaking the barriers of bias in the recruitment market. He has received a lot of positive reviews on his work.

He is grateful for the support of his family, friends and mostly his followers and believes that without them he wouldn’t be able to come this far in his life. He advises everyone to be kind and not to judge anyone by their colour or background.

Rhett Lindsey has 22.2K followers on his Instagram account. There is no doubt that he will gain more followers and respect from all over the world with the growth of Siimee. You can connect with him on Instagram and stay updated about his new plans and steps: https://www.instagram.com/rhett_lindsey/

Also check out his website: www.siimee.com.

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