Rising Musician MY$AK On Building His Music Career

Even though it may seem that nowadays being an artist, as well as blowing up as an artist is relatively easy, every musician understands that it’s not when he gets more serious about his career. There are a lot of artists out there, as the internet gave creative people all over the world the opportunity to show their music, art, etc. to everyone on the Earth, which wasn’t possible in the past. Today, we’re going to talk about a musician who stands out from everyone else despite this fact.

MY$AK, born Oleksii Mysak, is a young rapper, songwriter, producer, and audio engineer from Vinnytsia, Ukraine. For the last year, he’s been putting out a lot of music, including his debut album “Welcome To My World” and dozens of singles, gaining 75.000 new listeners in 2021 on Spotify alone.

The Beginning of Oleksii’s Music Career

MY$AK treats music as a way of expressing himself, his thoughts, pain, and emotions overall, and this was the reason why he took up music and started recording his first songs at the age of 15, using a headset microphone, free recording software, and beats from YouTube. Since then, a lot of things have changed in his life, but music is something that kept on being consistent, helping him to go through hard times. 

What is the Key to Success?

Ukrainian musician says that consistency is the key to success, not only in the music business but also in life in general. “It’s simple math, if you make twice as many songs as the other artist, you’ll progress twice as much as he does”.

MY$AK used to make a couple of songs in a month, but as he started recording on a daily basis, he figured out that his skills and streaming statistics went up drastically due to this change. Oleksii recommends other artists put as much effort and time into their craft.

What does MY$AK mean?

In fact, it’s very easy to figure out. Oleksii’s last name is Mysak, he decided to stylize it as MY$AK and use it as a stage name for his music career.

Why is MY$AK special?

Oleksii can combine different genres on one record, as well as do plenty of genres separately. Take, for example, his latest singles such as “Overwhelmed” and “Heart”.

These songs are based on Hyperpop but include Hip-Hop/Rap and R&B parts in it. MY$AK’s impressive vocal range allows him to create astonishing melodies on the instrumental as if his voice is just another instrument in the beat.

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