Rising RnB Artist Peabo J on How He Began His Musical Journey

His grit, commitment and passion have brought Peabo J to the forefront of the music industry of the US.

Singing and songwriting culture is in trend, but only the best is heard and appreciated. Peabo J, the R&B artist, is one of those few. Music defines the place and culture of the person who gave it and from where the artist originates. Artists who create their work are known to the fact that what genre will be appreciated and loved by their audience, and hence, they try to achieve the benchmark. It leaves the listener in love with the song and creates a different level of attachment with the artist. In short, the lyrics, music and genre play a vital role in the life of both the songwriter/singer and the listener.

To be heard and loved by the audience is what a singer/ artist dreams for and the one who follows it blindly even after failing definitely reaches up to something they want. Since trying step after step is not something that everyone can do; the ones who get success inspire the rest. This is how a boy from the streets of Selma, Alabama named Peabo J, turned into an inspirational and successful R&B artist. Never backed, Peabo is now heard on music stations and apps like Spotify, YouTube and Apple music. When an artist is accepted and appreciated by his audience, that’s when and where he starts from his journey of singing and creating.

As it is a true stated fact that an artist exists when his/her fans exist. Peabo J worked and paved his way out in the industry to reminisce, though belonging from the family of musicians. It’s not always that if you belong from a similar background, you will be served with a silver spoon, but an artist has to make his way through the world and the competition that exists. Every artist has a different set of fan base; hence any background would not work either like or not.

Talking about his new song, launched on February 14, 2021, Peabo J has proven to his listeners that his love for R&B will never lose from his veins. ‘Play that love song’, yes, you read it correctly. Not heard yet? Get your ears down to this beautiful love song and the ones who groove on R&B music; this song is a perfect mixture of love and moves on the soft and clam beats. His songs not just exude his efforts for the work but also his emotions and feelings, which makes him give such wonderful songs. Peabo J’s illuminating personality and being tenacious are the factors that took him to the top and were loved by his audience.

To make a song is the art of an artist, but to make it a big is done by the audience. It takes a lot of courage for an artist to come up with his skills in the market. It’s our responsibility as an audience to not waste the efforts of such a great persona and cherish the next legend
of R&B culture as soon as it takes.

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Written by Garry Logan

Serial entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Expert | Marketing Consultant | Crypto Market Enthusiast|| Founder & CEO at Glitch Digital.